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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chilly Fall Days and Shoppers Specials

Chilly Fall days are ;perfect for soups  and when you think of soup.....well..........................

you usually think of the pantry staple.....Campbell's.. This ad is from a Family Circle circa 1950's.
It makes a wonderful wall decor for the kitchen or decoupaged to a tray.
Vintage magazines contain so many snippets of the past .

This is a Campbell's soup recipe page is from a Women's Day in the 40's. Be sure to print this out for some yummy tummy warmers.

I found this decorating article in a 1960's Family Circle..sorry I couldn't resist putting it in.......
This is not IKEA this is a Scandinavian modern interior. They give you addresses where you van order items from. Oh this is too funny. But I digress back to our Shopping day.

Some ads I find are not for long forgotten brands..........
This Pyrex ad was found in one of my Women's Day 1940's. Now don't you wish you had a time machine to grad a set at that price!!

Check out this Blue Bonnet ad , it is still in the Dairy Isle and only for .87 cents. I know for sure cause I picked some up this weekend ;)

And, rounding out this weeks shopper specials is Morton Salt! This ad is from the 60's also.
All  these ads are copy and print ready for you to use.

Now, since it is chilly and it is  Rednesday Wednesday 

why not settle in a comfy oversized chair with a cup of soup and take a stroll thru  other Blog-hoppers  Rednesday posts.

You may notice I haven't included any horribly delectable Halloween recipes this Rednesday.
Since next week is Halloween Week I thought I'd rest up the old cauldron cause she'll be brewing up some trouble all week!


Marianne said...

Hello, dear Melody! Your ads brought back so many fond memories of my mother's kitchen. We lived a stones throw from our school, I always walked home for lunch, and my lovely mother had Campbell's soup and a sandwich ready for us on the table. Ah, those were the days full of love and family security (I think we remember more fondly the good things - don't you?)

I don't have anything to share today for Redneday, but hopefully next week. I have a handmade jack-o-lantern that I've been meaning to take a photo of, but keep forgetting.

May your day be joyful,
Marianne xo

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

My mom subscribed to Woman's day and family circle for all the years that I was at home. they were her week end reward magazines. :)

Marianne said...

OH, I wish I had some red to share today. I guess all of us Rednesdayers have slipped week for sure, or if I can manage it - a picture tonight and I'll post it tomorrow.

I'll let you know when I receive my package...hopefully, it's the one in the office..I'll be checking it this afternoon.


Marianne xox

Create With Joy said...

Dear Melody,

I can't believe I'm the first one with a share today! I meant to stop by last night and it slipped my mind!

Love everything you shared. This week I am sharing a fabulous special FREE ($3 shipping) Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp Set I just received in the mail. It is such an important cause, it is too important not to share with all of my blogging friends!

Have a wonderful week and hope to see you at some of my parties!

Create With Joy

Shirley said...

Good Morning Melody, I will soon be back to doing several things that have been on hold. I have had cataract surgery on both eyes with the last on done on the 14th of this month. I have to wait on the healing process and I can't spend the time doing some of the things like I use to do it. I have to rest them and put in all of the drops. Take care Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love to look at vintage ads! The do bring back so many memories! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

Lizbeth McGow said...

Hi Melody what a lovely post! I love looking through old magazines and the way things were back then, until my hubs found one with a few "instructions" for the "model" housewife!!! I should make a post about that, lol...not veryhappy with him after that, I'm not about to take his shoes off, bring him his slippers and light his cigar!!! Ha! Thanks for sharing! Lizy