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Monday, February 22, 2010

Vintage Alphabet 'B' is for......

It's time again for the Vintage Alphabet. This months letter is 'B'. Many of you describe yourselves as Serial Collectors.  Well, I too must admit I belong to your ranks and like you, I have many collections. I wasn't sure what to choose for this months letter. My Bakalite drawer pulls on my vintage bedroom suite? Vintage Books, vintage Buttons, vintage Brooches? I decided one of my most useful collections are my vintage 'B'owls. Whether pyrex, ceramic, glass, or aluminum I cannot pass up a vintage find of the 1930-60's .
These are a few of my favs.
As most of you know aluminum is my weekness. This Morning Glory hand-wrought aluminum bowl has a Limoge china inset. It was created by Farberware in the 30's or early 40's.

These next bowls are Pyrex from the 30's-60's They usually come in sets of 3 or 5.

This is a clear glass with flower garland. I placed an aluminum bowl inside just to make the pattern easier to see.

The next picture is of a 1930-40's covered bowl. I also have a larger, matching, covered bowl, but the pattern isn't as clear.

These bowls were so love worn that the manufaturing lable is no longer clear. It does say oven-proof, made in  the U.S.A., and it's the Calico Fruit pattern.

This hand-painted porcelain grape motif bowl was a gift. It has no marking, I'm not sure it's guess from color and paint....early 1900's? I just love the warm colors.

My final photo is of my Blenko Glass fruit bowl.

It still sports it's original tag.
And is filled with 1940's wax fruit.
As with all serial collectors, a collection is never complete. Ever changing patterns, kalidescope of colors, shapes, and forms, keep the search ongoing. That's the fun of vintage collecting.
Now I am posting this Vintage Alphabet in conjuction with my friends over at Etsy Cottage Style Blog.
Pop over and visit and while there sign up to Mr. Linky and join in the fun showing off  your fav vintage find that begins  with a 'B'. I'll see you there.

Remember, to join in go to and click the Mr. Linky sign in.

Friday, February 19, 2010

February Vintage Alphabet is Coming

I had an idea for a monthly post a while back. A Vintage/Collection Alphabet. Each month I'd write a post pertaining to something vintage I collect beginning with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. Okay, look out, I've been thinking again. I was hoping you all would help me make it more interesting by posting comments with links to your blogs showing others your corresponding vintage alphabet finds. Debbi at Etsy Cottage Style asked if I'd be a Guest Contributor and host the vintage alphabet in conjunction with the ECS Blogspot. January was our first joint post, so February will be B. My post will pertain to BOWLS, but you can show off your BOOK collection, vintage BOTTLES or BROOCHES, whatever you can think of. Or, show off your vintage serving pieces and display your own bowls!
You'll have time to think about this...the post will be up on Feb 23rd....I really hope you can come over and play!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hi Everybody! Etsy Cottage Style is having a Purple Party get-together today.
Here are some of my purple passions..........

This is the pocket I hand-embroidered on a vintage 1940's apron

I hand-painted this plate with forget-me-nots and then accented it with vintage matching rick-rack.
I coulnd't pass by this vintage postcard with Easter so close,
Which was the inspiration for this Brown Gingham Creation.
I created this wedding pillow using a vintage wedding hankie I hand-embroidered and topped by a matching vintage doily.
And, this is a shot of some purty purple posies made from french knots.
The items pictured are from my website Brown Gingham Creations.
Now lets go over to Etsy Cottage Style to visit all the other Purple People thru here

Monday, February 15, 2010

Help it's Snowing...Again!

I do not believe this. We're in a winter storm, but this time it's right over the top of the Cincinnati area. I clicked on the ARTIMIS traffic site and these are pics from the major highways around us
As you can see it's almost 1p and there isn't anybody out. Those, like Jim who did venture to work, find it getting worse by the minute, soooo they are being sent home......yippee, but as I type this it is like white out condition and I worry til he gets in the driveway.

This is the view of downtown Cincinnati at I-75 and 275
It is to do this aaaaaallllllll day and now more tomorrow. Guess I'll finally get some time do some embroidery that has been neglected for a few weeks. some much needed reorganizing of my craft space, and looking out my windows wishing this was my view. 
Okay, if I have to be stuck in snow , I'd really prefer it be in my beloved Smokies.
Well, I guess I should close now and get back to my creations.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome ...........

To My Snowy Cabin in the Woods!
Don't stand out there in the cold!  Come on in....can you believe this!!! I know you've had a lot of snow, but for Cincinnati...this is a little unusual. We have had a good foot since yesterday, it's still snowing!!! and absolutely freezing.   I am sooooooo ready for Spring!
Here, have a nice warm cuppa hot chocolate.
I'm glad you stopped by to pick me up on the way to Susan's for her Tablescape Thursday.
Help yourself to a cookie in the Biscuit Keeper there. I just baked a batch of your favorite!
I know how much you love the Delft China or Blue Willow, but I must confess I love Redware more. My absolute favorite is the Brown Transferware, but that is so hard to find and when you do it's expensive.
No, these aren't old peices, believe it or not these weere found at Cracker Barrel a couple of years
The cake plate's from there too. The scallops around the top make it look like there is a peice of fabric draped over it. And the top....

....isn't it pretty?
Since it's Valentine's Week I thought I'd do a valentiney tablescape.

These are a few of my favorite things........with aValentine twist........
The velvet heart was received on our first married Valentine's with the two crystal kisses. The pink and white vintage Valentine was a surprise.

This little Chocolate Fairy is too cute and the lovely porcelain lady holds beautiful roses
The little glass bird and nest is a 1940's candy dispenser. 
can't forget the exquisite large porcelain rose and here is the cute faux teapot candy house.
Oh!, I couldn't forget this adorable angel that wears his heart on his wing.
Here's a look at the whole table again.
By the way don't forget to come back by for my Vintage Alphabet get-together on Feb. 23. for more info check it out here Remember Mr Linky will be up by 9p on the 22nd.
It's getting late. We better get to gettin, don't want to be late to Susan's Tablescape Thursday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello to my Blog Friends here's a little bouquet for you!
I sure have missed you all for the past few weeks.
 My laptop has been out of commission since my last post. 
I finally got it back tonight!!! One good thing for today..we're in the middle of a winter storm warning....not nearly as bad as some of you. We've had about 8", but it's supposed get very windy and be almost blizzard conditions. I am sooooooo ready for Spring!
Okay, I'm off to visit my favorite blogs.