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Thursday, July 5, 2012

It has been a while..................

.........almost 2 months since I last posted?! I missed seein ya all and hearin from you.,but, Phew, sometimes  ya just can't help life gettin in the way. The biggest scare happened 3 weeks ago with our Shadow. He woke up on a Tuesday at 4 crying.....that in itself is unsettling, it's like a baby not being able to tell what's wrong.

By 8a we were waiting at the the Vet's. Shadow doesn't do 'sick' well. he wants to be left alone. He gets a little cranky and most of us, but with those teeth and catlike claws his 'NO' is meant. So a little shot of Valium and he was in his happy place not noticing or caring about the poking and prodding. We knew he had 2 sebaceous cysts, one behind his ear and one in his back. The one on his back had decided to remove itself by creating a 2" tear, so emergency surgery was a necessity. Within an hour both cysts were removed and stitched up. With a sigh of relief he awoke with a look of 'What happened?' and seemed to ask to return to his happy place. Within the next week Shadow returned to his old self, running and jumping, which he hadn't done for a long while. Seems the cyst was applying pressure to his back. We have to watch cause he's 7 and arthritis starts about now, but hopefully we've taken care of his back ache completely. he just got his stitches out without any shots needed. Guess he knew Tim was gonna make it feel much better.

Like I said Life causes hitches in Bloglandia...hate when that happens, but as long as everything ends well, I keep on keepin on. I've also, been working on an idea I've had for while with expanding Brown Gingham Creations. Nothing final, still in the works, but I hope to post some great news soon.
Sorry to be so short, but Life is still gettin me.