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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A-huntin we will go.......

......a-huntin we will go hi ho the merri-o a-huntin we will go.........and we did too at the Ohio Valley Antique Mall. It's hard to believe they are celebrating their 3rd anniversary over at the OVAM this weekend. They were busy! The Cafe was cookin and the sounds of racing were coming from the media room. Of course the Men usually congregate in there with the sports channels. Mom and I went on the hunt. Just to let you know how large this mall is it takes at least 3 hours just to walk thru......that doesn't include going back to vendor booths you mark to come back to, going down the two center aisles that cross the width of the building, or browsing  the 5 aisles of locked cases!!! You all need to come to town and we could make a day of it..they're open 9a-9p hehehe...
Well, we were quite happy with our vintage finds..................................
I found a bag filled with vintage wooden embroidery hoops in various sizes and another filled with vintage fabric peices. This is a little tease as to what I'm doing with them. When finished I'll show them and they'll be avalable on my Etsy site.

These two hankies are vintage from the 40's, but they are in pristine condition. I have a few ideas for these beauties. I got to thinking for those of you that do paper projects these two images would  make cute cards or something. Feel free to copy and save them.

This 1930-40 hankie  was a must have. I love the colors, but the
hand-tatted edging is so intricate. I can't wait to see what it becomes.
No, really, I have no idea ....right now I just like looking at it. That's the fun of vintage finds.

The rick-rack was real surprise. It  was in a basket in a tangle of other materials. I'm not sure how old this is, but I can envision it around the bodice or waist of a turn-of-the-century lace and  layers of billowy sheer fabric an ankle length dress.

I  love this 1940-50 tablecloth. You can't tell in this picture, but it was well used and worn. It will be happily repurposed into a myriad of other designs.
Here are a couple of close-ups

And, now, the peice-de-resistance

A 1950-60 Knott's Berry Farm Apron! In excellent's like new! This does not need any embellishment or stitches. It's going right up on my Apronation Etsy site.
Wow, what a good weekend! Did you go a-huntin? Find any vintage goodies?
Since it's another Red Letter day, I'm linking this post to Susan's Blog over at It's a Very Cherry World for her Rednesday. I know some of the items aren't all red, but the splashes of red that they have make the very!  Now I'm off to visit some other red hot sites thru here .
Have a Happy Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Thursday!

It's almost the weekend. Its sunny and 70 something. CSi is on tonight. And, I've completed a few more apron designs That makes for a happy Thursday.
Thanks to all who visited on Vintage Alphabet Party Monday and Rednesday yesterday. I am so happy to meet new blog friends.
I just wanted to show you one of my newest creations............................
There are a couple of more I just placed on my Etsy site, Apronation. Hope you stop by and check them out.
Hope you're having a Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's a Red Letter Day!

If it's Wednesday, it must be Rednesday! And, that means today I'm going to visit Sue's Very Cherry World where every one is showing their true color....Red.

These are 3 of the newest vintage apron creations over at my new Etsy shop, Apronation. I think Sue has probably stopped by and seen these before, but I hope you stop by Apronation and take a peek. Who knows, there may be one that shows off your apronature!
Now I'm on my way over to Sue's Very Cherry World to see everyones true Colors!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thanks for stopping by a spell!

Welcome for the Vintage Alphabet Party! Vintage letters E and F
These letters are hard for me, but here are my examples.
E is For...............
Vintage Edgings.
These textile accents are can be found mostly on hankies, doilies, and pillowcases.
Whether tatted or crocheted they make any fabric project special.

This edging is a corner of a hankie. I used  to    accent a shirt.

This is another hankie edging.

This is the edge on a towel.

E is for..................
Embroidery of course.

This embroidered 1940's hankie acccented a tote.

and this 1950's one did too.

This French Knot and satin stitch basket is a 1940's pattern for a bridge table cloth. It's on my website as a bolster pillow.

This is 1950's Belle done by Mom as a young girl.

F is for.................
Vintage Fabrics.
I love the themes and colors of the vintage fabrics. These are three os my newest.

This is a wonderful piece of  Flower Sack fabric.

I love this curtain fabric from the 60-70's. and this is a true 50-60's upholstry fabric

Thanks for visiting a while. Now I'm on my way to visit the other party-goers. If you'd like to come with me or have decided join in follow, me thru here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Ideas

Wow!!! First I'd like to say thanks so much for the participation over at the Etsy Cottage Style Blog..Market Monday. There are well over 50 vendors linked to the blog. We'd thought a few of you'd join in, but this is great. It is definately going to be a monthly event. Remember this market begins on Monday, but we stay all week! So keep coming back or join on in...things change daily.

I have a new Etsy Site...Apronation....It's a all aprons. Vintage and vintage inspired designs. It's where one will be able to show off her apronature, that is her, apronistics. Are you an elegant entertainer. The table is fully set for a 5 course dinner....only the finest cut crystal and fine china?....Then this is apronistically for you...
This buttercream organza is from the 1930's. It has flocked scallops, as well, as flocking creating the botanical print. The glitter that outlines the flowers and created buds on the foliage is original. Once a bright gold, the glitter has taken on a golden copper patina with age. I embellished with vintage 1940 floral motif buttons. Couldn't you imagine the white lace dress under this apron accented by pearls, a little gold, and of course some diamonds...ringing a bell for the next course.
Or, when you're hosting the next luncheon, you want to be comfortable, but look about those trusty black flats, a pair of black capris, a black tee with a lightweight black shirt, accenting it all with this....

  a 1940's tablecloth apron with a wonderful carnation, fern fronds, and black lattice design. I hand-embroidered some of the ferns and carnations to make them pop. I've also shown the Baking Cookbooklet published by 'Carnation' Milk Co. With ads from the Burns and Allen Show. Remember, all my aprons come with a vintage cookbook or other relating vintage reading material.
You're having a few friends over for a little get-together? Well, how about setting a little table on the patio with this vintage
1940's Rose Bouquet tablecloth,
 filling these with refreshing lemonade
and donning this matching 1940's
apron. The red and white sheer fabric pop with vintage rick-rack and rose appliques created by using cut-outs of roses from a matching tablecloth that was ruined.
Whether you're elegant and formal in style, fun and classic, or informal and whimsical there is an apron that fits you apronistically and shows your apronature!
I hope you stop by my newest shop..Apronation ..soon. And, also visit Brown Gingham Creation or
Brown Gingham Creations I add new items all the times.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet me at.....

......the Market Monday over at the Etsy Cottage Style Blog. This should be really fun! Visiting with blog friends and shopping, but you don't have to leave your house, or miss your lunch hour! Now I'm participating by inviting you to pop over to my website, Brown Gingham Creations, but I now a have a new Etsy Site called Apronation, which is also linked. The website contains all my various vintage and vintage inspired creations like this.......................

The new Etsy site is everything apron. Like this......  

Remember to sign my guest book on my website Home page and let me know you stopped by my Etsy site with a contact message on that page, so I can say thanks.
After you visit with me for a while, let's go on over to the Etsy  Cottage Style Blog to see other wonderful sites that are participating.