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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's a Red Letter Day!

If it's Wednesday, it must be Rednesday! And, that means today I'm going to visit Sue's Very Cherry World where every one is showing their true color....Red.

These are 3 of the newest vintage apron creations over at my new Etsy shop, Apronation. I think Sue has probably stopped by and seen these before, but I hope you stop by Apronation and take a peek. Who knows, there may be one that shows off your apronature!
Now I'm on my way over to Sue's Very Cherry World to see everyones true Colors!


~~Carol~~ said...

Such sweet aprons! You would think that they would be too pretty to wear, but back in the day women all wore dresses, so they certainly wouldn't want to get them dirty or stained. They're all little works of art!
Happy REDnesday!
p.s. I love your blog header!

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

Now that I know you make them, I will stop by. Thanks so much for sharing!

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

Those are just darling the red!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what darling aprons! Happy REDnesday~

Diann said...

Oh these are all awesome! I just love aprons and love how they are making a big come back these days!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Melody! These are beautiful.. Love the red roses! ~tina

Angela said...

Oh my goodness, I'm loving those aprons. I scored on the weekend and ended up getting three apron too. One was red,,yahoooooooo

Dawn said...

Wonderful aprons! I'd love to find some vintage California linens.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What great aprons. I'm off right now to go check out your etsy site.

SueLovesCherries said...

Ooh, these are pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us!

fiberdoodles said...

Oh I just love these!

Mica said...

I LOVE THEM! I LOVE APRONS ! Especially when their red. Thanks for sharing, Mica/The Child's paper

daylily777 said...

They are all very beautiful !

Say It With Roses said...

Don't you just love the vintage aprons? They really are "little works of art." I remember how my grandmothers were never in the kitchen without one on!

Thank you for visiting my blog!
I love your blog header!!!....I am very into the shabby and pink and slowly doing away with the country look in my home, but there is something about it that keeps drawing me back! lol!

Say It With Roses said...

Hi again, Melody,
It is still a bit too chilly to have the windows open where we are in Michigan, but I can still hear my sweet feathered friends.

We have a robin trying to build a nest, over and over. I keep removing it as it is where we come up the stairs to the front doot and we have been dive bombed and pecked in the past! hahaha! It really hurt, tho and the mailman did not want to leave mail.
I love to watch the babies so much I was quite unhappy taking it down.