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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Rednesday and I have a surprize!

Almost every one visiting Susan in her It's a Very Chery World shows a little cherry something. I love red, but  I'm a strawberry girl..what can I do? Well, I am happy to say I have come to the cherry side of the world....and didn't even realize I see I've had these items for quite a while....actually before I started blogging.

This 1940's plaster fruit wall plaque was bought many years ago and I just realized there's cherries in the mix...see! And this summer shirt............................
is a fav of mine. It's filled with flower and produce seed packets reproductions. I found I bought it years ago cause it has strawberries, but upon closer inspection last week, I found one seed packet of cherries! I was so excited to have 2 things. Oh, I guess I should've split em up...done two posts, but heck I'm so excited. Does this mean I'm part of the official club? (This is not the surprize)
This week I made a couple of fun purchases for my crafts area.

First, keep the eye jokes to yourselves....I found this great red task lamp at Wal-mart for $9 and.....
This whimsicle fabric sewing machine cover at JoAnn's for 50% off with my was under $12:)
(this is not the surprize) 
I also found some wonderful things with red this isn't the surprize either......

These transfers are  from the 40-50's. The sewing store I found them in was in a small town and they were having a sale on embroidery transfers they had found in the back room...gotta love those little small towns.
And, this apron.......
was a little plain so I added some vintage hankie accents. As you can see by the hoop, I decided to kick it up anotch with embroidery too.
Now for the Surprize!!!!
I'm having a little givaway.
A while back I found some great old mini hoops, quilt scraps, and lace. Well I also found some retro cherry the same shop  found the transfers....and I hand-embroidered one of the cherry bunches and created an applique. Here's part of the giveaway.........................
It's a wallhanging for the kitchen or dining room. It also fits over a small compot as a lid. I have a few other cheery cherry things to go along with it, but I'll leave that for the recipient's surprize to open.

This giveaway will be open till next Wednsday Sept.8th When I'll announce the winner.
All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog.

Now, let's go over to Susan's thru Here and visit all the other Rednesday  posts!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's VIntage Love Saturday

It's Vintage Love Saturday over at the Southern Lady Vintage and her theme is Cookbooks.  I know it's a little late, but I just got back from antique hunting and yard sale-ing and I didn't want to miss linking with my fav collectible and most useful.... Cookbooks..
Not those newfangled cookbooks using microwaves or high intensity light. Not those cookbook's using man-made sugar and oil blends or substitutes. Now I'm not saying that the new recipes and books are bad. The majority of my cookbook collection are new editions and I, of all people, know how we must cook healthy and there are those who must adhere to special diets due to medical condidtions, but I'm talking about the cookbooks of our Mother's and Grandmother's that are filled with wonderful graphic art and comfort foods.

When you see them they may be dog-eared, food spattered, or contain hand-written notes, but they give insight to the eras they were used and if a family hand-me-down, they bring us closer to the cook.
This was my Grandma's Cookbook of the 1940's. She has wonderful little notes by some recipes and tucked in between the pages are recipes and old coupons cut from magazines and boxtops. Those snipets date til the 70's!

Vintage cookbooks of the depression era and the war years were filled with recipes that were cost effective and usually printed by food makers such as Kellogg's, Calumet, Carnation, Sunkist, Spry(Crisco), just to name a few. The graphic art used was upbeat in color, usually using family oriented themes.

Cookbooks of the late 40's- to the early 60's seemed to be fancier recipes and geared more to entertaining and gatherings. Graphics were color photos, exemplifying serving suggestions

This cookbook printed by Gerneral Foods is filled with 12 months of recipes and dessert tips for everyday and holidays.

This is my collection of Better Homes Creative Cooking Library. I'm not sure how many volumes there were, but they ranged in date from 1960's-70's. The ones with the colorful top border are 1963,the one that is Pies and Cakes at this end is 1968. I have nine volumes of the 1963 set so far. If anyone knows how many volumes came to a set I'd appreciate if you could tell me. I'd love to find the other volumes to complete the set.

They not only contained delish recipes, they gave great serving ideas

The pic on the left is a wonderful lazy-susan serving peice, but my fav is the coffee table on the right that serves as party central....complete with a mini grill and skewer holder! Groovey for those small get-togethers.

I love to include vintage cookbooks with my vintage apron's over at my new Etsy shop Apronation(c)
(this will soon have more aprons available..Creativity Still Under Contruction)

These are some cookbooks I've found ready to be paired with a matching theme apron like the one shown below......

On the left is the 1940-50 State Apron that I hand-emboidered. On the right is the matching 1940 Sunkist cookbook printed by the California Citrus Growers.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the stroll through my yummy cookbooks. Now if you stop by don't forget to over to Souther Lady Vintage Here and see all the other great vintage cookbooks.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Breakfast on Our Vintage Inspired Outdoor Room

The weather has been so uncooperative here we haven't been able to enjoy our outdoor rooms like usual. If it's not windy and stormy it's hot and steamy. Nightime hasn't even given a little relief for the heat......until a few days ago that is, the evening brought a little respite and we were able to sit a spell. Excuse the pics these were taken after dark,

Go ahead have a seat. The've probably seen before.....are retro rproductions. I know they're a little worn looking, but they are supposed to look old. Surprisingly the patina is under the finish of the metal, so the rust isn't flaking....hope it stays that way, but if not..out with the trusty spary paint can ;) The little metal table is a 40-50's find and it's topped by a vintage embroidered bridge table cloth.

This is a closer look at the table. Those are french knots and satin stitches! Just click to enlarge any of the pics for a closer look.
As I've said before a blank wall is my canvas. Can't stand an empty wall, soooooo
I fill it up! This metal flower cart is from Publisher's Clearinghouse..of all places. It holds all kinds of vintage finds, but on the bottom shelf is a wonderful 40's ceramic planter of a squirrel on a log. It has a detachable base of brass filigris.
Sorry for the darkness. If you look in the top right corner of the photo I have a set of 1960's CopperCraft birds. If you don't remember, CopperCraft was a Home Shopping Party back in the early 60's. My Mom had one of those parties when I was around these aren't from that party..these were found at an antique mall for $5.00 a set!?
This pic is from last year. This part of the wall hasn't changed much. There are the birds and on the left is a wonderfully rusted wrought iron and hand-blown amber glass candle lamp made in Mexico back in the 50's. I found it stuck in the In-laws basement. Jim's other 8 Bros and Sis's thought I was nuts wanting that
'old thing', but now when they see it on the wall, they laugh, they can't beleive it fits right in.
Here's a better pic of the wall over the flower cart.........The hurricane lamp is a 1960's blue matched the blue Ball jar that hold citronella tealights. The Brown Tranferware is from the 40-50's. Made in England, it is a souvenir of Lincoln's Birthplace. Alas, it had a chip and a crack, well......for a $1 I added a floral design over the chip and I don't notice the crack ;) the little cup on top of the books is it's match. I found that in Kentucky for another $1. The two new floral prints are from the 40's thier 'new' frames are 50's
Here's the porch swing with it's new Throw. I know I showed a throw in the Wedding Ring pattern in a previous post, but I had to take it back to Wal-Mart.....the sewing was a little I exchanged it for this one. I think I like this pattern better on the porch anyway.
The 'coffee table' is a modern nesting table of tubular metal and fiberboard. I whipped out Jim's trusty staplegun and some 1960's ticking and broadcloth and it covers that right up. The apple basket is a Christmas gift. I thought at first the muslin and tatted edging were old, but my MIL said no, but it reminded her of things I had around the house. The Train lantern is new too. My parents picked it up for Jim since he loves trains. And, see that  little Cruet with the flowers...well, that 1960 calico and gingham cutey was a set on a wooden holder in an antique shop in Indiana......I looked at it..walked away..and you guessed it..the other cruet fell to the floor. I think this little guy pushed the other so I'd have take him home, but it does match the throw.
This pic is trying to show our newest lighting by the swing......2 more large Train Lanterns. but they are finished in a rusted patina..yea....we found those a few weeks ago up in Northern Ohio Amish Country. There is another in the first pic you see  over the table with the cloth. When lit they give off quite good lighting, and being citronella oil, we have no bug troubles.  By the by have you noticed that wasps and mosquitoes are out this Summer a least not around our house...and I think I figured out why. We've had a lot of Wasp Killer Hornets around lately ( they look like a cross between a horsefly and a hornet to me) and Bats. The park near us..across the road actually...has had a push to bring in more bats to the must be working, at dusk we see a whole bunch of the little guys doin acrobatics catchin thier dinner. It's all good to long as I don't get Bats in my belfry, LOL, with the woodpeckers thinking our cedar siding is one mother lode of tree...but that is another post.

This seating area is across from the wall. The table is a 1960 find it has silver metal that matched the retro chairs perfectly and redwood. Of course I cannot have any room without my aluminum. The bowl is a very abused peice of Rodnet Kent Tulip pattern that I fill with fruit, or I take a clear bowl with chips and put inside it for serving. An Ivy tealight holder was another Christmas and an Aluminum coffee pot and creamer sugar are finds from the Longest Yard Sale a while back. Believe it or not they were found at 2 separate dealers mile apart! Of course my Pigeon Forge Pottery Bears are front and center and a wicker and aluminum basket I found at Home Goods is filled with very old (almost 20) gourds to round out the vignette.
These colored glass candle orbs and barn wind chime hang over the table and............
a set of these 1940's plaster pansies hang on the posts on either side.

The temps and humidity have broken for a few days now......woohoo!
We can have a weekday breakfast on our porch swing before we leave for work...........................................................

This morning we're using graniteware bowls, Onieda stainless spoons. The berry bowl filled with blackberries and raspberries is a 1940's  Calico Fruit lidded dish..I'd love to be able to tell you the Maker, but it's been long ago worn off.  The Strawberry sugar bowl is part of a cream and sugar set also from the 40's. I just found the vintage Amber milkbottle and the Frosted Flakes box was a collector issue reproduction I got at the grocery store several years ago.

This is my vintage inspired outdoor room. I'm glad you stopped by and sat with me a while today.
I hope my outdoor room has given you some ideas for your own and, yes, I do add seasonal accents all year round and I'm always adding things. LoL I'd love to add a ceiling fan and rug...some type of blinds on the swing side so that when it rains it dosen't come in on you........I've got oodles of ideas, but I enjoy doing it little by little.

I'm hoping to show you my Kitchen porch sometime soon.
This week I'm going to be linking into Etsy Cottage Styles Vintage Alphabet party, Sue's Rednesday/Wednesday at It's a Very Cherry World and Sue at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday.   Let's take a stroll over thru here and visit all the other wonderful blogs.
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I'm also joining Tara at Graphic Designs and all the participants at the Blog Hop. Grab the link and code below if you'd like join in.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trippin thru the weekend.

This weekend I went on a lttle trip! It was filled with tours of architecture, rooms of beautiful furniture, newfangled appliances, our favorite.... vintage textiles and dinnerware ......oh..........did I tell you I went  back on a trip back  to 1957 and 1959.

Okay, I found two vintage issues of Better Homes and Gardens..for a $1 each. The covers weren't in the best shape but inside these pages were chocked full of vintage goodness.

(This is the 1959 issue the 1957 cover was partially missing so no picture.)

I sat on my 1940's living room sofa....turned on my repro 1930's radio.....tuned in our local oldies station, WMKV, and perused the pages while listening to the great Gildersleeve, Phibber Magee and Molly, and Jack Benny, and others.
I loved the floorplan in the 1959 Idea Home.
The floor plan is so open and airy. The suggested color scheme calls for cherry red, pinks, and aqua blue. As I was looking at the article and  it gave the addresses across the country  to see this home in person...holy cow.... it was right over on the Western side of Cincinnati!
  This is what the outside would look like.

and take a look at some of the interiors of 1957 and 59........................................

Love the windows and treatments in the kitchen nook.
That cherry red, pinks, and blues color scheme must've been very popular. This is a kitchen with a laundry/utility area.

This is still the same issues, but I must say I remember this style and colors in the early 60's.
And, I can't  show pages without including some vintage tablescapes............

Here is a 1957 tablescape in a stylish dining room.

 The next 3 images show different tablescape ideas..........
the first is a very stylish way to use TV trays

these show wonderful buffet setups.....................................

and this is a great nostalgic Summertime picnic.................................

I hope you enjoyed this little pictorial view of vintage trip. I'll have some other pictures in another post soon .
Since there is lots of red in this era I'll be joining Susan over at It's a Very Cherry World for Rednesday and Thursday I'll join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Don't forget to stop by and see everyone for these two great get-togethers. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Transferware Inspiration

I have always loved Transferware. Whether English or American it's all beautiful. My favs are red, black, and polychrome brown.

This Polychrome Brownware pitcher isn't marked, but I was happy to find it for only $3, I have a few serving pieces that match it. Unbelieveably while out vintage hunting I found this vintage apron..............................

It reminds me of the colorful plates and patterns I see.  I'm hoping to create a vintage inspired set when I complete the apron to sell on my Etsy Site.

The Redware is new. It's from Cracker Barrel. You've probably seen it and my other serving pieces in my Valentines Tablescape last Feb.

I don't have any Blackware yet tho. I love to look at all the different patterns...vintage and new.
While at HomeGoods recently I spied a lone little cup with a floral pattern and I also saw a beautiful pattern at my friends blog ........Nancy's Daily Dish....a while back she had the prettiest tablescape using scenic blackware. She also has a lovely Etsy site Here with amazing Transferware patterns.
I got an idea while browsing her blogland places the other day...........................................
Remember in a past post I showed this vintage tablecloth?
I saw this black and cream fabric that reminded me of a border on pieces of blackware

This panel from the tablecloth reminded me of scenic tranferware

Put the two together with as little embroidery and rick-rack

And it creates a transferware inspired tablerunner.

I was having computer trouble :( I know I'm a little late, but I am still going to join Susan and everyone over at It's a Very Cherry World for her Wednesday is Rednesday . If you'd like to see the other red letter finds just click HERE