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Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's VIntage Love Saturday

It's Vintage Love Saturday over at the Southern Lady Vintage and her theme is Cookbooks.  I know it's a little late, but I just got back from antique hunting and yard sale-ing and I didn't want to miss linking with my fav collectible and most useful.... Cookbooks..
Not those newfangled cookbooks using microwaves or high intensity light. Not those cookbook's using man-made sugar and oil blends or substitutes. Now I'm not saying that the new recipes and books are bad. The majority of my cookbook collection are new editions and I, of all people, know how we must cook healthy and there are those who must adhere to special diets due to medical condidtions, but I'm talking about the cookbooks of our Mother's and Grandmother's that are filled with wonderful graphic art and comfort foods.

When you see them they may be dog-eared, food spattered, or contain hand-written notes, but they give insight to the eras they were used and if a family hand-me-down, they bring us closer to the cook.
This was my Grandma's Cookbook of the 1940's. She has wonderful little notes by some recipes and tucked in between the pages are recipes and old coupons cut from magazines and boxtops. Those snipets date til the 70's!

Vintage cookbooks of the depression era and the war years were filled with recipes that were cost effective and usually printed by food makers such as Kellogg's, Calumet, Carnation, Sunkist, Spry(Crisco), just to name a few. The graphic art used was upbeat in color, usually using family oriented themes.

Cookbooks of the late 40's- to the early 60's seemed to be fancier recipes and geared more to entertaining and gatherings. Graphics were color photos, exemplifying serving suggestions

This cookbook printed by Gerneral Foods is filled with 12 months of recipes and dessert tips for everyday and holidays.

This is my collection of Better Homes Creative Cooking Library. I'm not sure how many volumes there were, but they ranged in date from 1960's-70's. The ones with the colorful top border are 1963,the one that is Pies and Cakes at this end is 1968. I have nine volumes of the 1963 set so far. If anyone knows how many volumes came to a set I'd appreciate if you could tell me. I'd love to find the other volumes to complete the set.

They not only contained delish recipes, they gave great serving ideas

The pic on the left is a wonderful lazy-susan serving peice, but my fav is the coffee table on the right that serves as party central....complete with a mini grill and skewer holder! Groovey for those small get-togethers.

I love to include vintage cookbooks with my vintage apron's over at my new Etsy shop Apronation(c)
(this will soon have more aprons available..Creativity Still Under Contruction)

These are some cookbooks I've found ready to be paired with a matching theme apron like the one shown below......

On the left is the 1940-50 State Apron that I hand-emboidered. On the right is the matching 1940 Sunkist cookbook printed by the California Citrus Growers.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the stroll through my yummy cookbooks. Now if you stop by don't forget to over to Souther Lady Vintage Here and see all the other great vintage cookbooks.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Wonderful post! You are sooooo right! I love looking at all of the graphics and it is true that the books do give us insight to the times! I love your aprons too! Thank you so much for stopping by and joining in! I can't wait for next week!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Melody,

I know what you mean about the older cook books. I have a "Fannie Farmer" cookbook from the 30's and it's filled with butter, cream, sugar, fat, fat, fat,.......mmmmmmmm mm mmmmmmm yummy! I'll never be skinny again, and I may die of blocked everything, but I'll have had the best cooked foods and not have deprived myself of good taste. Thanks for sharing your books!


Anita said...

Oh Melody I discovered those cookbooks a few years ago and I love them too!! My great aunt gave me her Watkins Cookbook, from 1936 which I use frequently. I then just got on ebay "The Art of Cooking and Serving" by Sarah Field Splint, from the 20s which I also love. My mom has my grandmother's copy. LOVE them. Makes me feel like I'm stepping back in time and getting to know them better. I love all things vintage as I get older:-) I had a box of recipe cards from the 70s for years that belonged to my mom, then I gave it back. Now the 70s are feeling like the "old days" to me! Since the pink pyrex is so hard to get reasonably priced on ebay, I've been looking for the 70s gold.

NanE said...

Hi Melody, thanks for visiting my blog! This is my first visit to yours as well and I can see I will definitely be back. Your vintage porch looks awesome! Have a great week, Nan

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I soooo envy you! I LOVE the cook books that our grandmother's and great grandmother's used! I LOVE to bake and cook the "old fashioned way". My mother in law still has hand-written recipes on snipets of paper that her grandmother wrote. They are amazing! It says things like, "2 cents worth of flour" and things like that... so neat! I have only 1 vintage cookbook right now, but I'd love to get more. Would you sell one of yours to me? lol :)

NanE said...

Hey Melody, I'm baaaaack! LOL! I grew up south of Canton in East Central Ohio, about 20 mins. South of the Football Hall Of Fame do you know where that is? I've just signed up to follow you too. Have a great week, Nan

Kathleen said...

What fun! I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my mom's when we sold her house. There was a very old Fanny Farmer cookbook I let go!
I have a few from the 70's, but that's about as old as I have.