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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Transferware Inspiration

I have always loved Transferware. Whether English or American it's all beautiful. My favs are red, black, and polychrome brown.

This Polychrome Brownware pitcher isn't marked, but I was happy to find it for only $3, I have a few serving pieces that match it. Unbelieveably while out vintage hunting I found this vintage apron..............................

It reminds me of the colorful plates and patterns I see.  I'm hoping to create a vintage inspired set when I complete the apron to sell on my Etsy Site.

The Redware is new. It's from Cracker Barrel. You've probably seen it and my other serving pieces in my Valentines Tablescape last Feb.

I don't have any Blackware yet tho. I love to look at all the different patterns...vintage and new.
While at HomeGoods recently I spied a lone little cup with a floral pattern and I also saw a beautiful pattern at my friends blog ........Nancy's Daily Dish....a while back she had the prettiest tablescape using scenic blackware. She also has a lovely Etsy site Here with amazing Transferware patterns.
I got an idea while browsing her blogland places the other day...........................................
Remember in a past post I showed this vintage tablecloth?
I saw this black and cream fabric that reminded me of a border on pieces of blackware

This panel from the tablecloth reminded me of scenic tranferware

Put the two together with as little embroidery and rick-rack

And it creates a transferware inspired tablerunner.

I was having computer trouble :( I know I'm a little late, but I am still going to join Susan and everyone over at It's a Very Cherry World for her Wednesday is Rednesday . If you'd like to see the other red letter finds just click HERE


Shirley said...

Hi Melody. Your table runner is pretty. It is amazing how some things come together really well. We have had some rain around us, but nothing to help us here at home. It is hot, hot, hot. In and out of the heat and I am zapped. Hope you have a great weekend. Try to stay cool. Your Missouri Friend.

LV said...

I love the runner and napkins. Your table looks so pretty and inviting. You did a great job on your red post.

Tea said...

Transferware is my all-time favorite dinnerware! Making a table runner to compliment the dishes is a great idea. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

What a darling tablerunner, Melody :) The jug in your first picture reminds me of Johnson Bros. Friendly Village and a couple other by them that I can't think of the name of. That apron is beautiful!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Melody!
I adore transferware! I've always wanted some brown for Thanksgiving. As my mom always said, when my ship comes in. :)
I can remember the blackware post, wasn't that gorgeous?! And your runner turned out so cute.

Happy Rednesday,

daylily777 said...

Transfer-ware is wonderful! I love the apron !

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Love your brown transferware - it's one of our favorite things to junk for!! Lucky $3 find - THAT is a treasure for sure!!
Thanks for stopping by - we've had computer issues for 4 weeks, and it doesn't seem to be getting better :( Hopefully this will be the LAST trip to our computer guy!!
Have a great weekend Melody!!
Karla & Karrie

Cinderella Moments said...

Great runner. Love the way it came together! And That set is going to be cute! I just know it.


Susan from The T-Cozy said...

As usual, you've found some great stuff!

Nancy said...

Hi Melody, I don't see my previous comment here so I bet I forgot to fill out the word verification, which I've done before! ;-)
I love your table runner and the way you've put this all together. So cute!
That brown piece in your first picture is, I'm about 100% sure, by Nasco which is Japanese and I believe the pattern is called Woodland. There are some unusual pieces like an oil & vinegar set and a lazy susan as well as others.
Thank you so much for the links and mention!


Creative Breathing said...

Your table runner is such a clever idea! That's what I love about this community. Yes, the campground was in Northern Indiana, very close to the Michigan border, three hours northwest of Columbus, Ohio. I was so surprised that the area was hilly AND that the trees were so big! Lovely state! Elizabeth

Kathleen said...

Hi Melody!
Love your name...I grew up on Melody Lane!
What a fun post. I have been poking around your blog enjoying myself!
Nice to meet you!
Southampton, NY