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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A few of my favorite things........

Some of you already know I have a penchant for vintage Hand-wrought Aluminum of the 1940's and 50's and Glassware. I cannot help seems, like soooo many of you I am a Serial Collector (we know who we are don't we Martha) of serivng pieces. The picture above are a few of my 75+ collection displayed throughout the house. This is a shelf Jim created over our dining room window to hold a few pieces of the collection (if you enlarge any of these pictures..ignore the dust...hehe).

This photo shows my favorite piece in my collection....a Coffee Urn, creamer, and sugar in the Mum pattern with Lucite handles made by the Continental Co. Yes, it's missing it's little Lucite thingy for pour handle, but it does still heat and work! Someday I'll find the missing thingy tho.

The next photos show some of my most used pieces.......................................................

This is a dresser box, probably part of a set, made by the Everlast Aluminum Co.

These two boxes are both the Continental Mum pattern. In the top photo the heavy glass is quite simple compaired to the second with its pressed glass patterned dish. Quite fancy.

These two condiment servers are pieces from  Rodney Kent. They are part of his popular tulip pattern set.

They still sport thier original tags!

These electroplated silver and Glass serving pieces are reserved for special occassions.

These last three photos have the most stories........................

This fruit basket motif glass bottle is from the 1950's-60's. They came in various colors, but in the 1970's these decorative bottles were used as lampbases and the stopper for the finial by very industrious husbands.
These three lovely and detailed pressed glass candy dishes were wedding presents to my husbands parents. Each one is unique.

And, lastly this petite Glass Liquer Set is from the 1940's-50's. It is Amber Glass. My Grandma had the bottle forver. My MIL was going thru some boxes one day and I saw the familiar amber color and asked if  could look thru her throw-aways. Low and behold there was an Amber Glass stopper and four little liquer glasses. I asked if I could take them. Here is my completed set! Imagine her surprise when she saw it.

Do you have any special serving peices or sets that have come together in round about ways? Leave a comment. I'd love to hear the story.
Now this post is also brought to you by the letter G and H  of the Vintage Alphabet over at the Etsy Cottage Style Blog. I'm linking to the Vintage Alphabet Party.
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Niesz Vintage Home said...

Beautiful pieces, Melody!
Love the intricate designs on the aluminum.


SueLovesCherries said...

You have a fabulous set of aluminum! I am looking for a round tray that has a plate in the center. The plate has a compote of fruit on it. An old friend had one and it's gorgeous - only seen one since, on eBay I think, but it was out of my price range!

Dawn said...

You've got a lot of really pretty pieces Melody. They remind me of things my mom collects, lots of cut or pressed glass pieces in variety of colors.

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