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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brown Gingham Goes Back in Time

Have a Happy Memorial  Weekend........................................
And, remember those who gave us the right to enjoy every day in this beautiful land!

Hi Everybody!
By now you all know how much I love all vintage.....everything from textiles to architecture. Recently I was asked to partner with Historic Southwest Ohio at the Heritage Village Museum and place several of my creations in thier gift shop. I was very excited by the invitation....vintage textiles in a vintage setting! If you recall last year I had a booth at their 1st craft show that took place during the Gas engine, Tractor, and Blacksmith Show.

The quaint 19th century village is situated on quite a few acres nestled in a small valley banked by high hills and woods on one side and a large rolling creek and waterfall on the other. LOL... this place is worth just sitting under a caopy in the sun with a gentle breeze, songbirds trilling, the creek babbling by, and the aroma of a roast on the spit and pies baking in the oven.... not selling a thing wouldn't seem too terrible.

From this pic you can see what I mean. There is an Antebellum home named the Haynor House (where the gift shop is located) with it's collection of outbuildings and the Gatch Barn,  a victorian gingerbread beauty called the Elk Lich House with its chicken coop, grape arbor, and double seater outhouse, and a 19th century train station..the Chester Station.  A clapboard workman's cottage called the Benedict Cottage, the federal style Vorhis House where they do all the cooking in the hearth fireplace, and the Kemper House which is a large log home with a seperate stone kitchen. There is also a printer shop, mercantile, church, and the new 'old' schoolhouse which is almost complete.

Elk Lick House                                                            Chester Station

Vorhis House
( Hope to have more pics of other buildings soon)

This is a living museum. The buildings are all decorated in period...right down to the fresh produce in the kitchens to farm yard animals. No detail is missed and the interpreters are in full period dress. It's like a mini Colonial Williamsburg setting for the 19th century instead of 17 and 18th.
That's why I couldn't pass up this opportunity. 1930's-60's designs don't seem too out of place. I will be keeping my eye out for more colonial inspired textile patterns and embroidery transfers to add to my designs to display here.
These are a few pics of my display in the Haynor House Gift Shop.........

These totes, tabletopper, and runners were done exclusively for the gift shop. I was so happy they let me utilize the old timey sewing machine. They placed it in front of the fireplace letting me place a couple of pillows over the top on the mantle.................

I also took a couple of vintage inspired aprons..........................

They don't have a lot of display space yet. They aren't allowed to hang things on nails from the walls, so display space is at a minimum. When in doubt use those 3M stickum hangy things. They work great and do not leave a mark. That is what I did with these 2 aprons. They hang nicely on the wall with no worry.

Luckily this weekend that kick's off my participation is a Civil War Weekend. These are pics from last year..................


Battle Re-enactments                                                                                        
and, interpreters showing life back home in Ohio while the war raged on.                                       
 If you're in the Cincy area tomorrow between 10a and 4p stop by for an educational few hours and little slower pace, at the Heritage Village in Sharon Woods. For more info about the Village, Events and Dates, or Directions go Here
Hope to see you sometime this Summer!


Shirley said...

Hi Melody. I am so happy for you to get to display some of your vintage linens at such a place. It looks so inviting to visit because of all of the rich history. I hope your mom and dad are doing o.k. as well as you and Jim. Jim was probably watching the All Star Race. The Nascar Hall of Fame is quite a place with so much racing history. I am trying to catch up with my reading and comments. We were gone for a few days in the rain no less, but today we had sunshine. It turned off really hot though. Have a wonderful weekend. Your Missouri Friend.


Hi Melody, Congratulations to you for being asked to display your items at the Heritage Village Museum! Thank you for sharing some of the history with us.

Brambleberry Cottage said...

What an honor for you to be able to display your lovely items at the Museum. You must be truly thrilled to have been asked.

Thanks for visiting my cottage and for your encouragement about my upcoming weekly link events.

Be sure to keep checking in this week for the details for each one of the events. I would love for you to help spread the word.

Have a wonderful week!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

AshTreeCottage said...

Hi Melody! I love history and enjoyed your post. While I was born and raised in the Chicago area, my parents and grandparents were all from The Cleveland, Ohio suburbs. I went there so often. Ohio is a beautiful state and possesses so much history and is the birthplace of several presidents. What an honor to have some of your work displayed in this charming village!!

Susan and Bentley

Sally Annie Magundy said...

What a charming village, so lovely! And a big congratulations on the invitation to display your work, how exciting!

Happy Rednesday,

craftyles said...

I love your display of Linens. So pretty!

~~Carol~~ said...

What an amazing place to display your linens! That picture of the little waterfall and the beautiful home in the background would be reason enough to pay a visit. And I've always wanted to see a Civil War reenactment. I'm reading Gone With The Wind right now, so that makes me want to see one even more!
Happy REDnesday!

J.C. said...

Hi Melody! Congratulations on your display! It looks lovely and I wish you the best of luck. If I lived closer I would be there shopping for sure! Hmmm...I have always wanted to visit you have me thinking!
Happy Rednesday!

Jan LaFollette said...

Thanks for visiting, I'm so glad I discovered your blog. You live in a beautiful and historic area that I would love to visit. Love your blog. Great ideas.

SueLovesCherries said...

That is so cool! I love historic stuff! So glad you have the honor of displaying your creations!

KitschKrafts said...

Melody, This is great news! You are right, that place looks soooo inviting and your pieces look just fine hanging in their shop. Good luck with sales!

J.C. said...

Hey Melody, thanks for the invite to OH!!! You are very kind!!! I actually checked the mileage and the towns you mentioned are 9-10 hours drive from where I am, yikes! Anyway, I hope to make it there someday-like I said, I always wanted to visit there, the Holmes County area and Cedar Rapids too. Thanks again and good luck at the village!


Hi Melody, I just wanted to stop back by and thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my "Strolling along Memory Lane..."REDNESDAY"! I was so excited when I found this wicker pram with the "RED" and white gingham hood and "RED" wheels. If you lived close to me we could get into some serious trouble! Think of all shopping and designing we could do together!

Sherrie said...

I would love to be an interpreter at a museum like that. I love history. Probably why I love vintage so much.

Cinderella Moments said...

Hi! Glad you're back! How exciting to have your stuff in that museum gift shop. We have several of those little historic villages here. They are so fun to hang out in. I love when they have Halloween or Christmas there! Great to hear you're having fun!


daylily777 said...

Congratulations ! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity.I love History, looks like an interesting place to visit . Beautiful Pics !

Self Sagacity said...

thanks for the reminder! I am celebrating a nice long weekend, hopefully you are too. Your vintage things are just fab-u-lous.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Melody,
Love this post and it so reminds me of Greenfield Village in Michigan where I grew up. I love these vintage buildings and treasures. All your pics are wonderful.
Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.
Blessings and Hugs, Celestina Marie