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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Welcome to my kitchen collection

Yes folks, once again we look in on Susan and her friends, who join her in her Very Cherry World, and proudly display thier love of any and everything red. I too must admit I am drawn to anything red, but  my true weakness is strawberries and anything vintage and kitchy. With this in mind I thought I'd begin a series to show my collections.
My kitchen is all strawberry and vintage inspired. This vintage crate lable inspired the color scheme,
red, black, white and green.

This plate is a Corelle pattern from 1978 called Strawberry Sundae. They are still in use today, yes over 20 years, and I can attest that Corelle is breakproof.

When collecting for decor in my kitchen the first thing I do is consider it's, that a word...well it is for my decorating needs. Whether a new vintage bowl or an old bottle can it be repurposed for other needs.
When baking I love to use either of these baking powders. The vintage graphics are great. They are displayed prominently on my spice cabinet when not in use to add touches of red on my pine spice shelf.

Jim and I both love vintage signs,even if they're reproductions. These two
remind us of our first soda pops in the early 60's.

And, they make wonderful hot plates on the dining room table or outside on the picnic table

This sign is my favorite because it reminds me of lunches at my Great-Grandfathers farm when I was little.

It also makes a great bread tray for a sandwich buffet.
When I show the entire series of pieces for Rednesday used to decorate the kitchen, I'll show how I use them to complete decor of my kitchen. I hope you'll join me for the next few weeks.
We can pop on over to Susan's thru HERE to visit other red hot collectors!


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Melody! Awww... That little Sunbeam girl is so CUTE!! Love your Strawberry Corelle dishes too!.. Actually, I love ALL the Corelle dishes, and have been gradually collecting them for the last couple of years now. I just saw a pattern called "Garden Home" on another girl's blog, that is SO CUTE too!... Happy Rednesday to you! ~tina

Nancy said...

I love the strawberry crate plaque and the Clabber girl tin. I've got an old one and a Calumet baking powder one. I'll have to show them on Rednesday sometime! Thanks for sharing!

craftyles said...

I love your vintage kitchen stuff. Also the strawberry plate is really cute.


Hi Melody, I really enjoyed your back round music, so cute. I love your "REDNESDAY" post, so adorable, love, love, love all of it! I'm now following you:)
Thank you for visiting and taking time to leave your sweet comment!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

I completely agree with the "reuseability" factor. I have a tiny kitchen, and my useful things have to be pretty, and my "clutter" has to do at least double duty.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I am just drooling over all of your vintage beauties!! All would look so nice in my kitchen! LOL!!

Ann said...

Thanks for the great tour of your reds in the kitchen. I really like the Corelle dishes, I've not seen that pattern before!
Thanks for sharing,
The Tattered Tassel


Hi Melody, Thank you for stopping by and visiting me again! Your sweet comment asking if I worked in a florist really touched my heart! I have never worked any where doing floral arranging at all. For the past 7 years I worked from home for a web hosting company. I was their billing specialist. How lucky for me to be at home and have an awesome job. Before that I ran a family daycare in my home. I have taught myself to create floral arrangements, I have been drawn to that for about 10 years. I think it probably started with Christmas crafting. I have made a lot of things with silk flowers but everything I have been showing on my blog has been made using fresh flowers or plants. My favorite design is the "Mother's Day" garden centerpiece I did for my table. I'm not sure if you saw it. You can view it here if you wish:
I'm flattered beyond belief that you thought I worked for a florist (that would be a dream job). You have really made my day. I wish I had some training under you, you are so blessed to be a “Master Floral Designer”! Any tips to help me improve designing would be welcomed by you!
Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful day! I will because of YOU!

Lesa said...

Hi! thanks for visiting my blog! I love corelle and pyrex-- beauty and function! Love all your reds!

SueLovesCherries said...

What a nice assortment - I can't wait to see the whole thing!

~~Carol~~ said...

After looking at all of these goodies, it makes me want to see your whole kitchen! I love the pattern on that Corelle plate. I actually have a weakness for cute Corelle dishes! And I've always loved the little Sunbeam girl too. Sorry I'm so late commenting for REDnesday!
Have a great weekend!

Brambleberry Cottage said...

A lover of vintage, heh? I like you already! LOL

Thanks for visiting the cottage and commenting. Hope you had a chance to get the lowdown on my terrific giveaway. There are eight more days to enter.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

P.S. I just joined you as a follower. ;)

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Hi again, Melody. Sorry, I forgot to address your questions about the Raleigh Flea.

It is held every weekend, but there's a lot more activity during the weekends when something special is being hosted on the grounds at the same a home show, etc.

There is a link in my post that will take you to their site where you can get more info.


daylily777 said...

Great reds! I love your sign, especially the sunbeam girl! She reminds me of my childhood, too.

Diann said...

Lots of fun reds! I love all the vintage things!