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Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn Is Finally Here !

Wow, this month is flying by and this week is jam backed with all kinds of things going on! Monday started the Vintage Alphabet Party at Etsy Cottage Style. Wednesday is the first day of Fall...Yay! And, if it's Wednesday, that means it's Rednesday over at It's A Very Cherry World! Since the end of the week is going to be so hectic, with the 2 day Craft Show, I decided I'd better 
combine all the posts.

Etsy Cottage Style is having it's monthly Vintage Alphabet Party.
This months letters are P, Q, and R. The first part of my post covers a Quaint Place
The last weekend of September is the beginning of the Fall Craft Shows in the Cincinnati area. I'm excited about the shows this year. There are some really fun events in conjuction with the shows. Today I'll show you the where first Craft Show. is taking place.........................
 The Heritage Village
This is quite a large village area taking up many acres along a sleepy creek, in a tranquil valley, that runs through the park. It is a living museum . There are  museum  interpreters and re-enactors all dressed in period attire that lead groups around the village! There are many  period homes and outbuildings,

The Kemper Log House, below, is a two-story, double pen log house, built in 1804 by the Reverend James Kemper in Walnut Hills and occupied by members of his family until 1897. It is one of the oldest houses built in Cincinnati that is still standing. The house was moved in 1912 to the Cincinnati Zoo.

The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Ohio assumed responsibility for it in 1951. The Ohio Society oversaw a second move in 1981, as the house was disassembled and relocated at Heritage Village in Sharon Woods. Its operation is coordinated with Historic Southwest Ohio, which maintains the village.
The log house is significant, not only because it represents one of the earliest architectural styles for this region, but also because of James Kemper's prominence as an early educator and clergyman.
The adjacent Stone kitchen provides educational opportunities with open hearth cooking demonstrations which delight visitors of all ages. A fenced period garden just off the kitchen will provide fruits and vegetables for the kitchen. - NSCDA Museum Properties


The Elklick House, also pictured below, is a  mid-century country farmhouse is from the Elk Lick Valley. The east fork of the Little Miami River in Clermont County formed the valley. Several different owners lived in the home and eventually Mrs. Mary Smith built on the front portion.

The two sections of the Elk Lick House have distinctive differences.The original two-room, 1818 cottage in the back had simple lines on the outside and basic woodwork on the inside. The front section is more ornate and speaks of mild affluance.
In time the structure was to be demolished to make way for the East Fork Reservoir. The Miami Purchase Association for Historic Preservation rescued the building by purchasing it from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1969. The Association rebuilt the house on a plot near the park stream similar to its original site along the East Fork.
Today guests may tour the entire house and glimpse into what life may have been like for the 19th century home owners. The house is fully furnished in time period furniture and accessories. Recently the front portion of the house was redecorated in the fashion of middle class 1800’s life style.- Heritage Village Museum

The Elklick also has a wonderful Smokehouse, Hen House, and 3 seater Outhouse that has a beautiful arbor leading to it. There is also a small garden and laundry lines in the side yard

The Vorhes House

It is assumed that this home was built between 1820 and 1830. The actual date of construction is unknown. It is an 1820s Federal style farmhouse that was located on Cornell Road near Kenwood Road in Blue Ash. It is a substantial and well-built home, yet the family who lived in this home had to work hard to produce what they needed 
-Heritage Village Museum

This picture shows the Cider Press going in the back of the house. Inside a Roast and bread are cooking on the hearth. It smelled soooo good.

The Haynor House

The Hayner House was once located in Warren County Ohio, along the Little Miami River near South Lebanon. In 1862 John Hayner purchased the property the house sat upon along with several other local farms. Hayner made his living by raising and drying corn, later by canning it. In a partnership with several others the business flourished. When there was no longer a demand for dried corn he converted his drying barn to a cannery.
The Hayner House is an example of Greek Revival. It features fluted columns with Ionic capitals, bilateral wings, and seven fireplaces on the first floor and two in the basement. The house was originally built in about 1852. -Heritage Village Museum
This grand old lady houses the Museum Gift Shop, a Victorian Parlor, and Headquarters for the HSO offices. They also host many weddings on that porch and you should see a bride coming down the grand staircase inside.

The Gatch Barn is locaterd right behind. It hosts petting zoos, blacksmith's, farm implement demos and other farm related activities.

The Village is completed, so far, by a Doctor's residence and office, a workman's cottage,a printing shop, merchantile, church (they rent out for weddings), a train station, and a new old one room school house. I'm amazed at how many don't know it's its been a work in progress since 1972.

The scenery and peaceful beauty of this village is draw enough, but here is more info on what is going on at the village this coming weekend! 
Heritage Village Museum presents
Fall Harvest Festival
Featuring Annie Oakley and Company
& our 2nd Annual Craft Show
September 25 & 26, 2010
Saturday 10a-5p
Sunday 1p-5p

Daily performances by
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Saturday Noon-3p and Sunday 1:30 and 3p

Enjoy the sights and sounds of autumn in the historic Village as you watch
demonstrations on apple butter making, hearth cooking, candle-dipping, and cider pressing.

Crafters will be set up throughout the Village 

Adults:   $5.00
Children: (5-11): $3.00
Children under 4 and Members : No Charge

If you'd like to see more pictures of this Quaint Place go to The Heritage Village

The next letter is of the vintage alphabet is R..............
R is for my Religious Collection. I have a few prayer books that have wonderfully inspiring and spirit lifting prayers. I  have some beautifully designed prayer cards from the 40's-60's that I keep in those books and bibles too.
I have some vases.....................

This is one from the 40's
And some ornements...............

This is also from the 40's. It's hand-blown glass with a glass glitter paper bottom.
My favorite pieces in my collection are my Rosaries. I have several but these are 3 favs.

The wooden one is from Italy with aluminum that a Nun would keep. The red beaded one is a reproduction from the 1800's, and the man's all metal one is from the 1930-40's.  The craftmanship of the crosses and medals are beautiful


Today is Rednesday...WooHoo!
I figured since I've been so busy finishing up designs for this weeks craft show, I'd give you a preview of a couple of my newest.

This is a vintage inspired red gingham apron.

I created hand-embroidered appliques from reproduction vintage cherry fabic and applied one on the waist band

and one on the pocket. If you look closely the two little leaves are off-set above the cherry bunch...when you open the pocket they are attatched separately to the apron itself.

I attatched one more on the hem of the apron and you can see the embellishments of rick-rack and stitches on white and black.
I'm hoping to have more of these aprons soon.
If you'd like to order one let me know. They will come with a vintage cookbook as always. The completed set will be $29.99

I've also created a new line of  placemats for the table. I call them Tablescape Place Setters
 I've combined hand-embroidered medallions with paper frames. They are vinyl sealed and waterproof...thanks Kim..;)

The top placemat is a small 9" round with a dinnerware motif. The center medallion is denim with a vintage 1940's transfer..there are 4 different designed medallions....The paper cut-out frame border has a  mix of food, flowers, and various graphic designs. The 4 placemats all have the same frame border.

This placemat set is a little definately fancier. The medallion was created by using a 1950-60 bridgetable cloth in a duck and marsh motif that I hand-embroidered. I used a paper border with a vintage feel and embellished that with co-ordinated round cut-outs.

These Tablescape Place Setters will be available in a  variety of designs

Well, this is my post for the Vintage Alphabet and Rednesday. Hopefully Monday I'll have more pics to share of the weekend.
 I'm glad you stopped by. Come with me and we'll see what other vintage collections and red letter finds
are at these two get-togethers. Let's go on over to Etsy Cottage Style here  and we'll visit Sue and everyone at
It's A Very Cherry World

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a Better Homes and Gardens Kinda Day!

 Hey, I'm glad you stopped by today. I've got to show you this. I was sooooo happy when I found this 1958 copy of BHG Sunday while Antique Mall walking. Hey it's much easier than trying to navigate thru the shopping malls and cheaper if something catches your eye ;) It's the November issue so it has a lot of table and interior decor..yeah...our favorite subjects.

Let's see what was some of the popular trends of the day..............

Maple furniture and hardwood floors. 50's Early American in red, white, and blue. What surprized me when I saw this picture is that I have seen this set at two different Malls recently.  Wish I had the room for them. That window treatment is neat........................

A country quilt motif that looks almost modernist. This room would look great today. Timeless classic
Here's another living room idea.......................
An Eclectic mix. Very traditional, but I love that wall treatment over the sofa.
They have taken pewter peices and mounted them on the wall as object d'art. How cool is that? aluminum would look gooood displayed like that.
What collection could you use if you created a wall like this?

Okay let's take a look at a few kitchens. 
Wow, wouldn't you love to have a kitchen like this?
Take a closer look....the dividing wall has, not a fireplace, but a rotisserie/grill. Look how they mix country wood coffered ceilings and a purely country pine table with oak ladderbacks! And, look at the red tile flooring.....Modern with a homey feel. I don't know about your house, but if we had a room like this....the big screen tv would be on the opposite wall tuned in for the big game or Nascar race and we would have party central! Or, have an indoor drive-in motif movie night ......or, an indoor picnic night..........
Here's another kitchen Idea
Ooooh, clean and crisp black and white with red accents. Look at the appliances. I would swear the dishwasher is exactly like mine today...and a grill top and oven on the back wall could be mistaken for a Viking brand of today....LOL. Holy cow they have taken a 50's modern look and given it cottagey accents! Look close...... gingham fabrics, weathervanes, biscuit tin, and look at those sink doors....shabby chic metalwork grates! The center light and exhaust fan, over the cooktop island, looks like a garden light and those baskets filled with fruit are the perfect touch. Some of these ideas would fit into any size kitchen! But, I sure wish mine was bigger 8)

Take a look at this one too! 

You'll never guess what they are advertizing...... it's the wall and countertops.....they are Melamine covered the dishes. It's the precursor to our Corian. It's another dividing wall between kitchen and dining room. It's  a cooktop area, but to the left of the wall...that is a small built-in dishwasher. What a great idea if you don't have enough under he counter space or you don't want to give up storage cabinet space. The  hanging light over it and  a matching light on the opposite side look country and the dining room ceiling light over the table is copper to match the huge copper skillet on the dividing wall over the stove. I don't's modern, but the wood and accents make it a little country.

I just love perusing the pages of vintage magazines. I hope you enjoyed looking at a few pages too. I have some others that I found a while back that are more crafty and how-to's I'm gonna have to pull those out for some posts soon...if you'd like to see them?
Well I better be going now.. I think I'll go clean my kitchen..
I'll type ya later!

I'm linking to Susan at her It'sVery Cherry World Don't forget to stop by and see everyones red letter finds on Rednesday Wednesday

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Vintage Love Saturday!

That's's Vintage Love Saturday over at the Southern Lady's Vintage Blospot
 and this weekend the theme is Vintage Jewelry.
I was very excited when I found this was the theme. I must admit that I have worn vintage jewelry since I was 13.
This Ice skate pin was my Mom's. She got it at the Ice Capades in the 50's when they came to the Cincinnati Gardens when she was a teen.

I've had this for as long as I can remember too. I think I Mom gave it to me to go with an Easter coat I had.

Click pics to enlarge for better views.
As you can see I have a very eclectic collection that spans the 40's-60's. My favorites are the Enamalware, the Bakelite Autumn Harvest pin, and the 2 large Rhinestone pins.
I love vintage jewelry so much I've even incorporated it into my blog and website logo.................................

and some of my vintage inspired Angels.........................................................................
like this one that has a halo of colorful rhinestones and enamalware flowers of the 40-50's or this vintage
inpired pillow design............................................................................
which combines a 1950's hankie with a 1960 enamalware pin. Of course the pin can be removed and worn to complete an ensemble.

I'm so happy you came by to visit! I hope you can stay a while and visit some of my past posts from this week. While you're doing that I'm gonna run over to the Souther Vintage Lady thru Here and see all the other vintage jewels everyone is showcasing. When your finished come on over!

It's a Barnyard Bash!

Everyone in the barnyard is all aflutter and still squaking and honking about the Garden Party in Farmer Brown's kitchen garden just this side of the barnyard. You didn't hear about it? Well, here's a copy of one of the barnyard papers that covered the event.

A little lengthy and I might be going out on a limb, but it was Hoot to do Pics to follow. Please read on.............

The Songbird Gazette

All the News to Tweet About


Hello my fine feathered friends. Henrietta Hennsitter here with all the latest news to squawk about in Birdlandia.

Sept 7 Maple Grove: Doc Stork visited the nest of Mr. and Mrs. B. Lue Jay last night and delivered 4 perfectly adorable eggs. Doc says it's only a matter of days before the Hatchlings make an appearance.


Sept 8 Olde Oak Tree Condos: Construction note, the Woodpeckers will be doing necessary renovations next week. They request all residents land at the rear of the tree.


Sept 10 Songbird Exclusive: Mrs. 'Red' Robin Hosts Garden Party Luncheon

Mrs. 'Red' Robin hosted a grand garden party luncheon for Ms. Carolina Wren. Ms. Wren is relocating to our neck of the woods from North Carolina. She was chaperoned by Chief Red Hawk of the Cherokee, North Carolina Hawks. In the fall Ms. Wren will be attending our prestigious Bird U. Dean Bal T. Mor'Oriole and his wife Raven were on hand to welcome Ms. Wren. Other notibles who attended were, Woody Woodpecker of stage and screen fame, the Starlings of Cornfield, Prof. Hoot Owl, and Col. Nutt Hatch a long time family friend of both Mrs. Robin and Ms. Wren's family. The Cardinal of Birdlandia also flew in to welcome Ms. Wren and give her his heartfelt blessings. Entertinment was provided by the Warblers, The Loon's, and special appearance by Jiminey Cricket accompanied by the Songbird Quartet.

In defference to Mrs. Robin's wishes photographic and vocal recordings of this party were not allowed.......
But, I Henrietta Hennsitter was allowed prior entry into Farmer Brown's Kitchen Garden during set up and allowed to snap a few shots of what the tables looked like.

tables were provided by the Woodpecker Woodworks and placed in various groupings in the garden.
Lovely linens in bright colors graced the tables

The custom teapots and cups, designed by Pigeon Potters, were placed on each table


locally grown Clover, Crown Vetch, Summer Phlox, Geranium, Butterfly Bush, and Clematis from Mrs. Robin's garden completed the tables. The menu included Mint Tea, Leaf Salad with assorted Seeds, Corn Cake and Her secret recipe Caraway Cookies.

Here are a few more pictures of the pretty little tables.

A fun time was had by all. I must mention Mrs. Robin was, as always, the most gracious hostess in her trademark vintage apron.

And, as we all flew off she made sure each of her guests received a tote, like this, filled with her signature Caraway Cookies.

I have a scoop......Mrs. Robin wanted me to let you know that her vintage aprons and todays guests totes are provided by Melody at Brown Gingham Creation, "a wonderful old Crow" As Mrs. Robin puts it. "A whiz with a needle and embroidery thread".


Hi Everybody! I hope you enjoyed my little bit of whimsy. Thought I'd do something different for a post to show off one of my cutest little Tea Sets and include a view of a couple of my creations available.
The apron is a 1950's cotton that I finished the embroidery on, added Swprovski Crystals, and vintage buttons. The Tote has a pocket I created by hand-embriodering a portion of 1940's tablecloth and then embellished with buttons and silver studs. You'd never guess I found this 'tweet' little set in a Publisher's Clearinghouse mailer. The cedar stump used for the table was 1 of a few I kept when they cut down an old cedar tree in Grandma's yard. I know odd thing to keep, but I loved that old tree as a kid and the peices have come in handy around the garden. The "tablecloth" is actually A hankie from my collection. If you'd like to see more of my vintage inspired aprons, visit my Etsy site, Apronation. For my other creations visit Brown Gingham Creations Here and Here

Now that we've visited our feathered friends around Farmer Brown's garden ...... let's go over to Lynn at Happier Than A Pig In Mud and check out the rest of the farm with the all the other party animals for her Barnyard Bash

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Rednesday Wednesday Giveaway Day!

Wow, this week went by quickly! I can't believe it's Wednesday already and the 7th of September. 
 September is my favorite month.  The beginning of Fall and  apple season kicks it off! The orchard's are open.....pick your own or by the bushel...... Apple Butter.......Apple Fritters.......Caramel Apples................
Applesause, Smoked Sausages, and Sauerkraut..............

This is a wonderfully scented wallhanging I have in the kitchen.
I  get a new one every year. I know I'm a strawberry girl, but I love the smell of apple pie baking. It reminds me of my  Grandma's kitchen.   The cinnnamon sticks and dried apples fill the room and of course I have to have a bit of vintage doily in there ;) It feels so country and homey.

Crafts Shows begin to pop up during this time of the year in Ohio too.  The Heritage Village Fall Harvest ,. Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, Ohio Renaissance Festival, Old West Festival, Mason Arts Festival all take place this month. I found this fabric wall pocket a while back at one such show. I just couldn't pass it up.
 Not only is the pocket created by a vintage quilt piece with buttons, but it has a cute little calico clad girl holding a her watering can and it is filled with a vintage Florist Wire package. What floral designer could pass up this bit of whimsy. The lady that created these had a variety of career themed pockets like this. I thought it was such a neat idea.
Well, that's all the red I have for today. I'm so glad you stopped by......HUh?  OH! the giveaway...........
Okay. To remind some of you that missed out on the post or just found my blog. I had a giveaway this past week that included a surprize. This is the part of the giveaway I showed............
 I created a little wallhanging using a vintage quilt scrap accented by a  cherry applique I hand-embroidered and placed in a vintage hoop, then finished with vintage lace. Now I'll let you see what the surprize included.................................
Very cherry file holders, perfect for paperwork or recipes..... A To Do List pad with matching pen, sure to make the list a little easier ;)......a pack of  Notecards to send cherry--er---cheery thoughts.....and a little Vintage Cookbook from the late 40's early 50's . Yes that is a Strawberry dessert on the front. When you use it I hope you'll think of your friend  here in Ohio.

Without further ado the winner of the giveaway is... drum roll


Elizabeth at Creative Breathing.
Congratulations! Please send me your address to so I can get into the mail for you :)

I'd like to thank all those who visited this week it was so nice to hear from you agian.To those who became followers, it was so nice to meet you.. I really appreciate your following.
Now I'm off to see the other participants over at It's a Very Cherry World for Rednesday