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Friday, September 10, 2010

It's a Barnyard Bash!

Everyone in the barnyard is all aflutter and still squaking and honking about the Garden Party in Farmer Brown's kitchen garden just this side of the barnyard. You didn't hear about it? Well, here's a copy of one of the barnyard papers that covered the event.

A little lengthy and I might be going out on a limb, but it was Hoot to do Pics to follow. Please read on.............

The Songbird Gazette

All the News to Tweet About


Hello my fine feathered friends. Henrietta Hennsitter here with all the latest news to squawk about in Birdlandia.

Sept 7 Maple Grove: Doc Stork visited the nest of Mr. and Mrs. B. Lue Jay last night and delivered 4 perfectly adorable eggs. Doc says it's only a matter of days before the Hatchlings make an appearance.


Sept 8 Olde Oak Tree Condos: Construction note, the Woodpeckers will be doing necessary renovations next week. They request all residents land at the rear of the tree.


Sept 10 Songbird Exclusive: Mrs. 'Red' Robin Hosts Garden Party Luncheon

Mrs. 'Red' Robin hosted a grand garden party luncheon for Ms. Carolina Wren. Ms. Wren is relocating to our neck of the woods from North Carolina. She was chaperoned by Chief Red Hawk of the Cherokee, North Carolina Hawks. In the fall Ms. Wren will be attending our prestigious Bird U. Dean Bal T. Mor'Oriole and his wife Raven were on hand to welcome Ms. Wren. Other notibles who attended were, Woody Woodpecker of stage and screen fame, the Starlings of Cornfield, Prof. Hoot Owl, and Col. Nutt Hatch a long time family friend of both Mrs. Robin and Ms. Wren's family. The Cardinal of Birdlandia also flew in to welcome Ms. Wren and give her his heartfelt blessings. Entertinment was provided by the Warblers, The Loon's, and special appearance by Jiminey Cricket accompanied by the Songbird Quartet.

In defference to Mrs. Robin's wishes photographic and vocal recordings of this party were not allowed.......
But, I Henrietta Hennsitter was allowed prior entry into Farmer Brown's Kitchen Garden during set up and allowed to snap a few shots of what the tables looked like.

tables were provided by the Woodpecker Woodworks and placed in various groupings in the garden.
Lovely linens in bright colors graced the tables

The custom teapots and cups, designed by Pigeon Potters, were placed on each table


locally grown Clover, Crown Vetch, Summer Phlox, Geranium, Butterfly Bush, and Clematis from Mrs. Robin's garden completed the tables. The menu included Mint Tea, Leaf Salad with assorted Seeds, Corn Cake and Her secret recipe Caraway Cookies.

Here are a few more pictures of the pretty little tables.

A fun time was had by all. I must mention Mrs. Robin was, as always, the most gracious hostess in her trademark vintage apron.

And, as we all flew off she made sure each of her guests received a tote, like this, filled with her signature Caraway Cookies.

I have a scoop......Mrs. Robin wanted me to let you know that her vintage aprons and todays guests totes are provided by Melody at Brown Gingham Creation, "a wonderful old Crow" As Mrs. Robin puts it. "A whiz with a needle and embroidery thread".


Hi Everybody! I hope you enjoyed my little bit of whimsy. Thought I'd do something different for a post to show off one of my cutest little Tea Sets and include a view of a couple of my creations available.
The apron is a 1950's cotton that I finished the embroidery on, added Swprovski Crystals, and vintage buttons. The Tote has a pocket I created by hand-embriodering a portion of 1940's tablecloth and then embellished with buttons and silver studs. You'd never guess I found this 'tweet' little set in a Publisher's Clearinghouse mailer. The cedar stump used for the table was 1 of a few I kept when they cut down an old cedar tree in Grandma's yard. I know odd thing to keep, but I loved that old tree as a kid and the peices have come in handy around the garden. The "tablecloth" is actually A hankie from my collection. If you'd like to see more of my vintage inspired aprons, visit my Etsy site, Apronation. For my other creations visit Brown Gingham Creations Here and Here

Now that we've visited our feathered friends around Farmer Brown's garden ...... let's go over to Lynn at Happier Than A Pig In Mud and check out the rest of the farm with the all the other party animals for her Barnyard Bash


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

The Songbird Gazette is just fabulous! One can never get enough of the latest neighborhood gossip! What a cute post, thank you so much for joining the Barnyard Bash:@)

Anonymous said...

Miss Henrietta Hensetter is quite the copywriter. She did a fine job of covering all the news there is to tweet.
A beautiful table and very pretty accessories.
(Publishers Clearing House- who knew!)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your tibute to 9/11 as well.