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Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Party Time!

......over at the Esty Cottage Style Blog!
This months color is Aqua.  The party lasts all week, so I cna't wait to see everyonestrue color! I love the shade of aqua or it used to be called blue green in the crayon box. I think if pine trees on the mountainside.....a pair of flipflops I had in the 60's with a big flower on em with different shades of aqua....a 60's coffee pot I have with gold and aqua diamonds on it.... ya know there are a lot of different hues and shades in this color family...................................................

Here is a vintage set of Melemine dishes I found for sale on Ebay.

We  have this 1950/60 aqua and black pottery bowl for sale at our flower shop.

This is the center picture on one of 4 English aluminum plates in my collections and it's filled with shades of aqua.
 This is a pillow I created using a 1950's hankie, 1960's tourquoise cotton fabric and rickrack, accented by a 1960's enamalware pin.
 My autumn throw I use on my kitchen porch glider has a lot of different shades of aqua.
 These next 2 pictures show a variety of blue greens in 1950's magazine showing fabrics.

 This tin is from the 1960's and filled with embroidery and threads from my Grandma.
 And, this is another 1950-60 vintage dishtowel I beaded and hand-embroidered to create a pillow.
Wow, I didn't realize I had so much aqua on hand. Well...I do love the shades of greens. Here are a few more aquas........................................

Feel free to copy and use these for your own paper crafts! Well, I think I go and see the other guests at the party. If you'd like to join me we'll go thru HERE

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Digital Software...more to come later!

Update: 10/16/11
This past weekend we got to go for a little ride to Ky and ended up at the Florence Antique Mall. Alas, we didn't find anything we had to have, but I did spy this cute booth that made me smile.........

Just full of red and white goodies. And, we did see the most interesting folks in other booths............

There were frightfully fun to visit with. Then on Sunday afternoon we stopped at a nieghbor who was having
an Estate Sale where I found all this vintage booty........

Of course I found some vintage embroidery and a toaster cover that'll make great appliques, as well as these hand-tatted doilies. Naturally I couldn't pass on a few vintage cookbooks. This one from the State of Maine, Potato Cookbook, is my favorite. It's from the late 40 early 50's, but what is really cool is I think it may have been the inspiration for my neighbors kitchen/family room when they built the home in the 50' least it sure looks like this.

I found a pack of found an old pack of dressmakers transfer paper...wasn't gonna show the pic, but what I noticed was the price tag when I got home. It's from an old department store called Arlan's here in Cincy. It was slightly more upscale than Woolworth's, but it was a visit made at least once a week when at my Grandma's. Sadly, it closed in 1969-70.

The tablecloth is the one I got from Cindy Adkins, but the large checked napkin (3) is a find and I'm gonna make a little runner I think of the 3. Mrs. Butterworth never looked so good. My Nieghbor loved to her in country cookin finery. And, yes another Cookbook!
I was so happy to find that sweet little rose planter in the basement and find it's mark......

I also, found this little transferware saucer with its

We also purchased a vintage hand-plow our Nieghbor let my Dad borrow when we put in our first veggie garden in '77 when we first moved in. The wood is a little weathers, it's missing a handle end and has a wonderful rusted patina on the plow attatchments now, but it'll look great as a garden ornie. There is also a vintage mirror Jim found in the basement from the 30-40's, but  it needs some work before it makes a pic debut. Wonder what the cost of all this vintage goodness was?........$16.00
The past weekend was a good one. Think next weekend will be a clean the yard one since it's supposed to be nice. Don't forget to read on about some software I won and the digi art I created. Oh, and rememb er to visit all the blog parties too!

See I'm Back. Sorry for the blog interruption, but I had to check out this new software. I am soooo excited.
A week or two ago I entered a giveaway, sponsored by My Memories over at
Daniella Hayes' blog ...................................
'Daniella Hayes....Layers of  Creativity. and, boy is it ever chocked full of creativity. If you haven't stopped by check her out here...........
Well, seems I was the lucky recipient of her  giveaway which was a digital software package called,
'My Memories Suite'. Now you all have heard and some have personally seen how digitally impaired I am...
no snickering or giggles......but after going over the software for two days...OMG it is SUITE.!
And, the My Memories site it wonderful. Filled with inspiration, kits, ideas.....oh you have got to visit them.
Here, after you see what I did below..relatively quickly....go to
My Memories digital scrapbooking kits and scrapbook software

Alright.  You've already seen my first digi design in the ad for my Etsy Shop, Apronation. remember these are my first practice designs, sooooooo...............

This is form of art is definately outta  the box for me, but it is awesome!

Dont' forget to join all my Blogpals at my Weekly Blog Parties HERE to see other artworks, vintage finds,
and meet some really fun folks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

Hi Everyone! It is a RED Letter Day!  I found a wonderful book, The Kitchen Linens Book, by EllynAnne Geisel from her blog, Apron Memories. You can find her HERE  She collects and writes about all kinds of vintage textiles...especially aprons.And, is the leader and inspiration for Tie One One Campaign. A few weeks ago I found her book, The Apron Book, at JoAnn's and inside it was filled with all kinds of ooooh and ahhhs vintage aprons. There are half-aprons, full aprons, work aprons, fancy aprons, even a distinctive South of the border apron , but one in particular caught my eye. A vintage 1940-50 plastic apron. My Mom had a child-sized that I remember in her collection..she used em all the time, but they are a collection now.  I said to myself...'someday I'm gonna find one of those'...and closed the book. Well, last weekend we went to the Antique has been sooooo long I was having withdrawl.....anyhoo, Mom and Dad  were with us and they found this cute little number....................................................................................
Isn't it just tooo retro?! And, yes, it is plastic! I was doin the 'Happy Dance'  in the aisle.
Here are some close-ups of the detail...........

The pocket hangs from the waistband. I love the little white flowers and leaves 
that  are on the plastic material.

This is the red rose under the pocket and

this bouquet of mixed flowers is on  the other side.

More of the little white flowers are on the waistband and apronstrings.

Pink plastic ruffles frame the apron at the hem which accentuates those little white flowers
that create a border along the hem too. Can you believe it was only $8! I really didn't look to close at the detail of the apron til I got home..hehe...I saw no stains, so home with me it came 8o)
Sorry this will not be available on any of my websites this one goes into my personal collection. I just couldn't not share the pics. Ya know this is also gettin me to thinkin. I said I'd find a plastic apron......well I've been sayin,   Today I'm gonna win the come nobody up there listens when I say that!

Don't forget to visit..........................................