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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Have you seen my new look?

I have a new look for my Etsy site and at my Esty Cottage Style site.................................................

This is my brand new avatar

                                                                  and this is my banner
I was sooo excited when Debbi presented the finished product. She does such great work...the little brown gingham bows and flower center are too cute, and look..I'm a whole new me..LOL.
If you are in need of  a  new look for your selling site or blog
contact Debbi at Cottage Garden Banners...she works wonders!!
Stop by my Etsy site at and see how it looks,
and feel free to browse ;)
And, don't forget to stop by the Etsy Cottage Style Blog for Market Monday

to visit Me, Debbi, and over 50 other vendors for the monthly virtual flea market that goes on all week starting Monday Aug 8th!


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Melody,

Your Etsy store front looks awesome and I love the pink with the brown. Best of luck to you with sales.


Jan LaFollette said...

I really like your new look! It is worth it to have someone design the header, I think, I haven't done it but I think it is a good idea. With your Etsy store it is important to have a professional look. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Cay-ute, pretty even :)

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Melody! Wow, everything looks great, and in case I haven't said before.. I LOVE gingham!.. I have never heard this friends forever song before, but I like it! Have a good night! ~tina

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Melody, Sneaking in on my blogging break to let you know that any image on Flickr that allows you to download can be used in your personal crafting. That is where I get all of the images for my monthly tags. Do hope you have fun giving them a try! Elizabeth