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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Its the Berry Best

As some of you know from past posts I have been a collector all my life. As a child I had things I 'kept'.....dolls, Breyer horses, Disney story records..just to name a few. LOL my parents storage closet in the basement is half full of my childhood 'keepers' As I got into my teens thoughts of my 'Someday Home' crept in and I started my Cookbook collection. I was really into decorating at that time too so thoughts of what my 'home' would look like popped into my head. A Sears catalog was cut up as decorating swatches.... while the other girls were cutting paper dolls and taping pullouts from the 16 Magazine to their walls........ I was cutting out furniture, bedspreads, lamps, and taping them on my wall as an inspiration board. Sadly none of those swatches made it thru was changing every time a new catalog would come out, but one thing always stayed the same....I always wanted a red and white kitchen. It was always a happy combo to me. I don't know why, I grew up with the harvest golds, avacado green, and  harvest brown....heaven help me I still like those colors..and yes the 80's blues and muaves. Anyway, as a teenager if I found things old or new, with red or strawberries, LOL..seems they're all vintage I'm old....
I collected them in anticipation  of my 'someday home'. I started with dishes in the late 70's and early 80's.
Corelle's 'Strawberry Sunday', 20-pc placesetting, was one of my first purchases for $12! That tells ya how long ago it wasn't a sale price!!!

         Alas, it's been a discontinued pattern for quite a few years. I found it at the Red Roof Outlet Mall in Pigeon Forge. It wasn't in any of the stores up here.
I use it every day and believe it or not I've only broken one plate. Yes...they say corelle is unbreakable, but when it is dropped from the cabinet to the corner of a stove, to the will shatter.
There was also a Mikasa outlet store and one day I found a pretty kitchen set with a simple cream and red pattern by Studio Nova called Country Kitchen.........................
Sorry the pic is over exposed, but you can see the pattern.
I have the spice bottles, double butter dish, and mixing bowl. I haven't seen any of these since the 80's, I've checked on Ebay and the Studio Nova one has any other pieces.
In creative inspiration, I made this wall hanging in the late 70's early 80's from a peice of finished lumber, molding scraps and gingham fabric...............

I drew the pattern, carved and wood burned the design, then hand-painted and stained it.
It was the first piece I made for my 'someday home'.
 It would become the motif for the whole kitchen.

   Enough about early collecting.....I went huntin again and bagged some unusul finds recently.
 I found something cute this past weekend........................

A 1940's treasure.....a  vintage wooden shopping reminder has all the grocery items you could think of, but it is missing the little pegs that go in the holes. No problem I can make my new ones ;)
I know, no strawberries, but it was too cute to pass up, and these  wall decor pieces...........

The one the left depicts a corn shucker and on the right, an apple press. They are hand-painted pot-metal and on the back is stamped Homeco 1978. I think these'll go outside on my back kitchen porch wall. Oh, you haven't seen my back porch? I'll have to show you sometime. LOL, no bare wall is safe with me it is one huge canvas waiting to be filled.    
Remember my front porch wall                        

I couldn't end this post without showing what my
  Mom and Dad found while went out  antiqueing the other day and  surprized me with when  they  got home......................
They are 1940's ceramic creamer and sugar. I have a Fitz and Floyd pitcher that works well the them.
This is the berry best!
Well, guess I'll go clean off the kitchen porch  and take some pictures so you can see what else I've been up to.

Whoops, I just realized it's Wednesday!! It's Rednesday!!
Before ya go why not pop over to Susan's It's A Very Cherry World
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Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Happy Rednesday! I love how you've stayed committed to your red and white kitchen. Sweet little trip down memory lane you've taken us on.

craftyles said...

The little shopping reminder is adorable. Also love the strawberry sugar and creamer. Great reds!

Anita said...

How cute, how cute! Love all those strawberries! I need to see the Mikasa outlet! I used the Mikasa Strawberry pattern a few weeks ago of my mom's. Love all your great red things!

Tea said...

Oh, I had those Strawberry Sunday dishes, too! I had two boxes from Walmart back in the 80s. And gave them up for three boxes of Blue Velvet in 90s. They last okay, but not all were there when I gave them away. Yes, I can break even Corelle dishes, too. ;< I'm more careful now that I move a tad slower, but I'm still leery of using my other dishes for everyday. I want to use my Old British Castles (red), but Goodman says no! chuckles

Ann said...

Love the strawberries that your parents found for you!
Also, I can relate to your decorating and planning when you were growing up...I did the same thing and still have many, many clippings from magazines and catalogs. Too funny!
Have a wonderful day.
The Tattered Tassel

Mimi said...

I love that shopping reminder, it is so cool!

Barbara Jean said...

I'm lovin' your strawberry sugar/creamer!!

Off to se more of your blog.

Thanks for coming by my place.


barbara jean

Cinderella Moments said...

My grandma had those plates! Cute!

Shirley said...

Hi Melody, You collect breyer horses so does Pat. He has a Curio cabinet full of all sizes, on shelves and stored in boxes. I don't have a clue many he has. His boys even have a few so they would leave daddy's alone. Hehe. I love your strawberry creamer and pitcher. I took a break from tagging things for my booth. I have been running in circles or so it seems that way. The weather is so hot and miserable. Maybe it is just because I am getting older. We did have a shower this evening, but it hasn't cooled it down much. We will be seeing family this weekend. It is our family reunion. I don't know how many of us kids and our extended family will be there. Pat gets home from Oklahoma City Friday.His two boys will be happy when daddy gets home Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Love your red and white kitchen pretties!
The wall hanging is so cute and the strawberry sugar and creamer is perfect! What a nice gift. :-)


Jan LaFollette said...

Thanks for visiting me today and I appreciate, so much, that I am on your blog roll tho' I don't know why it doesn't have a thumbnail photo, I'm wondering if that is something I've done on my end!
Any ways, it is fun to share the love of red with others. I've said I don't use much red in my home but when I really LOOK....there are red touches every where.....I do admit to wearing A LOT of red.
You are right Corelle is durable but not totally unbreakable, I've broken pieces before, too.
Enjoyed your blog. Had a busy week and haven't posted this week will try to accomplish that for next Rednesday....I have the photos, so I'm sort of ready. Have a great weekend.

Eileen said...

I just popped over from the etsy cottage style. thanks for inviting me. I love your post about the strawberries in your kitchen. It's so cool you started saving in the 70's.

black eyed susans kitchen said... to eat them, love them even more on kitchen items. The sugar and creamer set are wonderful and the dish reminds me of the 70's. I have a tablecloth with a strawberry pattern and it is one of my favorites.

Diann said...

Lots of fun reds!! I really love that "shopping reminded"! Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hi melody,
I love your vintage market list with the little Dutch children on it. I'm into Dutch collectables big-time. I also like your wall plaques....great finds all.

Thanks for stopping by...

Anonymous said...

p.s. You're the first person to mention my windchime ;)

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Melody,
Oh I just love your red collection of vintage treasures. Your wall art is wonderful and I enjoyed hearing about your dreams of your someday home. I can so relate to that as I did just about the same growing up.
Love the strawberry set your parents found for you. How dear!

I will miss Monday Market this week. On vacation, but will see you when I return sweet friend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie