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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello to my Blog Friends here's a little bouquet for you!
I sure have missed you all for the past few weeks.
 My laptop has been out of commission since my last post. 
I finally got it back tonight!!! One good thing for today..we're in the middle of a winter storm warning....not nearly as bad as some of you. We've had about 8", but it's supposed get very windy and be almost blizzard conditions. I am sooooooo ready for Spring!
Okay, I'm off to visit my favorite blogs.


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Melody! Good to see you back! We've been VERY lucky here so far, with only an inch or two at a time! This is VERY UNUSUAL for us, but I hate to complain at all. Still, it looks like we've got about 3 or 4" of snow heading our way tomorrow. Stay in and stay warm, as best you can! ~tina

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Glad you are back Melody - those computer problems are the pits - I know- we've had our share the last year or so. 8 inches - wow, you did get quite a bit of snow - we don't have but about an inch or so but it is soooooooooo cold and the wind is awful! Enjoy the white stuff! Take Care, Cathy

Shirley said...

Hi Melody, I was wondering about you and I am so glad that you are back. We have been lucky this time and haven't got near the snow that they were predicting. We did have -21 degree wind chill today. I don't like the cold because it makes me hurt.The further East you go the worse it gets. We have had it around us this time. It makes you think that you are in a pocket.
You take care and stay warm.

Melody said...

Thanks guys. I missed everybody. I really didn't think anybody'd notice. I'm trying to catch up, sooo I'll visit soon.
.......we're all friends stitched together by embroidery threads.....

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Melody, I agree with you. I love redware. And brown transferware is my absolute favorite. But red is a very close second. I don't have any but I am now actively looking for a set. And I am being choosey. I love the red biscuit keeper. I have never seen one before! So beautiful. Your other pieces are lovely and adorable.
Happy Valentine's Day!

someplace in thyme said...

Oh Melody, everything is so beautiful. I would have never believed that your biscuit jar was not an antique. I love it, what a perfect post, Char

D said...

Love the chocolate fairy. I love Cracker Barrel, too. They have really cute stuff.