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Friday, February 19, 2010

February Vintage Alphabet is Coming

I had an idea for a monthly post a while back. A Vintage/Collection Alphabet. Each month I'd write a post pertaining to something vintage I collect beginning with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. Okay, look out, I've been thinking again. I was hoping you all would help me make it more interesting by posting comments with links to your blogs showing others your corresponding vintage alphabet finds. Debbi at Etsy Cottage Style asked if I'd be a Guest Contributor and host the vintage alphabet in conjunction with the ECS Blogspot. January was our first joint post, so February will be B. My post will pertain to BOWLS, but you can show off your BOOK collection, vintage BOTTLES or BROOCHES, whatever you can think of. Or, show off your vintage serving pieces and display your own bowls!
You'll have time to think about this...the post will be up on Feb 23rd....I really hope you can come over and play!


Shirley said...

Have you got my snow yet? I sent it your way and we have more coming later today and tomorrow. The drive home last night was not fun. I made it and I wanted to stay home and we did. I am so tired of this weather. I just want some warmer weather. Of course you have to be careful what we wish for or it could come true. Take care. Your Missouri Friend

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I took the pictures for my vintage 'B' collection last week.
I'm going to show Buttons, Beads, and Buckles. :-)

See you then!



This sounds like fun!