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Friday, September 27, 2013

Red Has Turned Pink for Saturday!

Well,  I have been hosting Rednesday Wednesday for all of Sept. and I think it's getting a good reception.

Lovely BlogPals , old and new, have been flyin in and out. It started on Wednesday, seems the RED spread to Thursday, seeped on into Friday , and has diluted into shades of pink for Beverly's Pink Saturday.

While composing my post for I was looking for vintage reds, of course, and found sites for vintage home advertising.( If you weren't aware I collect vintage magazines. It includes Better Homes, Family Circle, Farm Journal, and others dating from the 1930's-70's) Wait till you see what I found.........................................

Look at those block glass windows with planters surrounding the window. Wouldn't you love to have a craft room like this. Thant's right this is an area off a kitchen for the Lady of the house to have a place for flower arranging, etc. I remembera movie, Mr. Blandings Builds a Home and Myrna Loy wanted a little room to do flowers..and other craft things and sewing room upstairs.

This is an American Standard Kitchen.  pink metal cabinets. My Grandma's house has White.

This is an Armstrong  flooring ad. in all it's pink goodness.
Oh, check out this pink, peach, and black bathroom............


and, this pink and gray one.

A pretty in  pink bedroom.of the 50's...My Grandma still has a little rose pattern sheets like these!

So, this is perfect ending to a dreamy pink post from the past.
 I am going to go and check out all the other Pink Saturday. Don't forget to leave a comment to enter my giveaway. Use the Rednesday Wednesday link at the beginning of this check out the tablerunner......
it's not pink, but it might still work in your decor.

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