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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rednesday Wednesday Highlights

Well, REDnesday Wednesday seems to be catching on. Thanks to all who have linked in, left comments. and sent e-mails. You are registered for my giveaway. It's come to my attention I do have a Problem. It seems some are not able to separate a party from a full out advertising op.

So, I think I need to explain.

Rednesday originated as a place collectors of vintage and lovers of red came together and showcased their finds. They give background on the find, where and how it would be used, if they altered it in some way, or if it was to be sold on their selling sites  they  would place a link where you would be sent to their Etsy, Ebay, Website, or Selling Blog. As with all Blog Parties, unless they are specifically for selling products like Market Monday at Etsy Cottage Style Blog, or Blog Shop at How Sweet the Sound, are gatherings to meet and talk about similar likes, learn something new, share inspiring decor-designs-creations-ideas. If a post leads to a product created for sale it's soft sell...I'm probably not saying this well, imagine a  Blog Party as a home party such as Tupperware, Pampered Chef , Sarah Coventry Jewelry.....You display about it......
demo create a rapport with your client. They get to see how you create, think,...sigh..........I just thought Bloggers would like to meet other Bloggers..get to know one another...feel connected. I know some Blog Party Hosts delete selling sites immediately, but this time I'll leave them up, but if it comes to a point where folks just use the party as a free direct sales venue, then I'll give them the links to those free selling sites I've mentioned and  remove them from Rednesday.
I hope I said it right.
Okay  Now for some REDnesday highlights

HappybodyThis Happybody can be found at Leisure Lane
Wholeport Girl and Star ButtonsGo to Create With Joy ro see the possibilities

Check Out the Sunny Side of the Porch were..

Cutie Pie Cottage has all the vintage reds 

Charm of the Carolines goes on a red quest

                                                   Beansie Babbles finds a bit of her childhood

And, Sally Annie Magundy goes Dutch!

Be sure to stop by the 2 vendors also who came by this week they have some beautiful things.

Mark your calender        Rednesday Wednesday #3 is Sept 26th
Hope we'll see you there and remember leaving a comment or linking in with a red post enters you in my giveaway HERE

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LV said...

You said it very well. I enjoyed seeing all your red goodies.

Debbi said...

Unfortunately some don't take the time to read what is required Melody. There are so many link up parties out there I think sellers are marketing wherever they can! If I were you I would just send a nice little note letting them know the next time it happens. Sorry I didn't make it yesterday to Rednesday, I am way behind on blogging this week ;(