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Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's beginning.............................

pic from last winter look a lot like Christmas...........It snowed. I really dreaded hearing those words on the tv weather and typing those words in this post, since last winter's horrible storms, but we awoke Saturday to a sugar coating on the trees and grass. It been snowed all day. We had about 4". The streets are so warm it just melted on them.....couldn't wait for the ice to set up overnight...which it did....yippee. Anyway, It seems the dread has turned to Christmas spirit.

Usually we have all our Christmas Decorations up outside, like the Snowman tree shown here from last year,  but with Jim's infection, we only have the outside lights up. He brought the living room tree down Saturday, but we still have to bring the decorations up. Slowly, but surely we'll get it all decorated and then I can post those pics.
Sunday Jim said I needed to get out of the house, so he took me to the Antique Mall for lunch and to look for Chirstmas presents. We walked the acre up to our parked van...still icy on the drive.....and off we went. The Ohio Valley Antique Mall was packed with shoppers and the vendors booths were filled to the brim. 
As we walked thru I had to giggle cause as I was looking I spied things some of my blogger friends would have jumped at. A couple of sets of N-O-E-L ceramic angels...I know one of you said you were looking for a set, but for the life of me I can't remember who, so, if you want let me know, I'll go over and pick em up for you, they were $24.95 and you can pay me back...  A box of shiny brights in a Woolworth box for Beth of ELizabeth Holcombe, Whimsies and Words, lots of bottlebrush trees for Ms. Bingles at Ms. Bingles Vintage Christmas, some great Flour and sugar sack fabrics for Janet at Primrose Design and barkcloth for Kimberly here at Niesz Vintage Home and Fabric. Lots and lots of Fiestaware, dishes, crystal, and flatware, that would make all my Tablescape Thursday pals over at Between Naps On The Porch squeal with delight. But, the biggest thing I saw that made me think of all my Rednesday friends was this.........................

LOL...first I saw all the aluminum cannisters on the top, I have the set already, but I like to see how much
they are now. Then I looked down and realized it was red and white for in my kitchen, but alas no room for such a big cabinet....but wait I looked closer and then I saw it..the ME iconic cherries!!! The vendor was there and must've caught the 'Aw' look on my face as I thought of all of you and said he could do better than the $149 price if I wanted to take it home.....I thanked him, but I had to pass and asked if I could take a pic to share with my blog pals. I was so excited to finally a ME something to share....even if only a pic.
Hope you are all having a great Rednesday!

I also wanted to remind everyone today about great shopping opportunities showcasing wonderful gift ideas.

Every Saturday in December Southern Lady's Vintage blogspot is holding a Vintage Love Market. For more info to list your selling site or item and to join in the fun that started last Saturday, just take a sliegh ride through  HERE to Southern Lady's Vintage.

And, This Monday started the week long Market Monday over at the Etsy Cottage Style blogspot. I co-host this get-together every first Monday of the month. Last month we had over 50 vendors participate. Stop by today thru HERE Check out our new meme The Colors of Christmas. This weeks color is pink.
See you later.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What beautiful snow!!! It sure does make a pretty picture! And I am sure it certainly did help you to get in the Chrismas spirit! It's cold and rainy here, colder than usual for this time of year in Georgia it seems. No snow yet but the weather people are saying maybe some flurries. Thanks so much for telling folks about Southern Lady's Vintage Love Market! I certainly appreciate that and can't wait to join in on Cottage Style Market on Monday!

Shirley said...

Hi Melody, I thought I would drop in this evening taking a break from embroidering. I am selling some as fast as I get them done. I have been making some new Christmas ones. I learned you cant't us a iron ons that I printed on the laser printing. It didn't work. I got an early Christmas present. The doctor's office called Friday to tell me that my blood pressure medicine has been approved. Thant really made me happy. I saw on the weather map about your snow that you were getting. We didn't get any snow, but strong winds and cold, cold. I have had a busy day with all of the errands to run plus had an open house this afternoon.
Have a great weekend. Your Missouri friend.

shannon i olson said...

I love a trip to the antique inspires but also makes me want everything!

SueLovesCherries said...

He said he could do better than $149 for that "it has my name written all over it" cabinet? Send it to me, please! LOL! I have those decals on my kitchen walls, and the cabinet would fit in perfectly (whether I have room or not!).

Denise Marie said...

cute! it would suit tons of bloggers.

daylily777 said...

A beautiful snow ! We have had early winter & snow down south in NC. Looked like a great day & some great finds! I am always behind at Christmas . I start off early but I always end up late. lol