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Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Vintage Alphabet Party

Even tho I'm on vacation this week I couldn't miss the last Alphabet Party at ECS. I was so happy when Etsy Cottage Style asked if I could think of  themes for some monthly posts on the blogsite and help co-host the get-togethers for the blogspot a year ago. We started with A and I cannot believe that we have gone thru the entire alphabet already. It's now December and we're already to Y and Z!

I have a great Yand Z
It's my Pfaltzgraph Yellowware-like America dishes........................................................

                                                                            and platter.
I found these in 1983 at the Pfaltzgraff Outlet in Pigeon Forge, Tn.  I loved the quilt-like patterns on each plate, they were warm and homey....perfect for my someday home. Believe it or not the plates were Zany $1 each and the platter was $3. The next year I puchased a large round platter as well as a large pitcher. Each were $5, but niether has an image like the plates or platter just the gold with the sponge blue edging (actually they were 2nds)....oh and they had no more of the plates of course. .I placed my treasures in my hope basement...remember I've been collecting bits and peices for my someday home since I was 10, so, my parents basement was referred to the 'hope basement' since my stuff overflowed. It stayed there til I married in 93' and moved into my first home with my new hubby. (yes I lived at home all that time) Why the 'hope basement'...from the age of 10-17 I 'hoped' to find someone to was too much stuff for a 'hope chest'.. I met my HS sweetie and by 1993 we married, but by that time my parents 'hoped' the stuff would leave...... I purchased plates here at home for $1.50 in a coordinating blue color to give me 8 plates. For years I never saw these plates again, until a year ago I saw a whole set in an Indiana Antique Mall, but the price was well over $150. I never realized how poular the pattern was, it was retired relatively quickly, but that has happened to a lot of the dinnerware patterns I wedding china is Lenox's Prairie Rose and the Onieda Silver I chose, Southern Garden, to go with it both
were retired that same year. Sigh........If you'd like to learn more about this pattern
check out this website.................................................................
Pfaltzgraff America Collectors Club . They have info and pics of all the peices.
Well, I must be off. This vacation week is going quickly. I have oodles of pics to download to show you in the coming weeks and I was again asked to co-host some new get-togethers for Etsy Cottage Style. I have a few ideas that I tyhink will be fun, so, have a great New Year!


Debbi said...

Melody--love the "hope basement" story! I was at Pigeon Forge last spring--man o man I have never seen such traffic gridlock--almost as bad as driving in Seattle at rush hour. But hey I fond some great things at the flea markets and antique malls there. It was a chore to get them home on the plane, but worth it!
Happy New year!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I collect the Folk Art Pfaltzgraff pattern. Most of my pieces have come from garage sales, flea markets and ebay. Pfaltzgraff has such a nice feel to it, like no other. Have a happy New Year! Twyla