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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It has been a very busy past month. Now that it is June I can now slow down a bit for summer. I love to relax on my porch swing and just sew away....when I'm home. Around here it's flea market season, yard sale time, and antique hunting season. Last weekend we went to the Ohio Valley Antique Mall. We hadn't stopped by there for a couple of months, so things seemed to be
bustling. They have added new vendors in some of the empty booths and are adding additional booths to lease. Glad to see that. Everyone seems to be geared for a good summer as far as vintage is concerned. Booths were filled. I guess it was a book day.

In one of the first booths we went in they had a basket of old cookbooks...if you haven't read one of my past posts I love vintage cookbooks.....hardcover, pamphlets, cookware inserts, it doesn't matter (check out my side panel for the Vintage Alphabet March C for Cookbook). These two delightful Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks help to complete my set. I have 6, that was all I thought there were, but it must have been a 12 set collection. Now I have to find the last 4! Don't you just love searching? There are some really good ideas in the party cookbook and the exotic dishes in the foreign cookbook would be great for a gathering....hum do I smell the grill??

The next booths have interesting offerings, but nothing jumped into my hands. Wait..........what is that peeking out from under a tablecloth....another basket filled with vintage soft cover cookbooks and pamphlets.

Eureka! A 1953 cookbook pamphlet....Home Baking Made Easy for the beginner or expert. It was published by the Lever Bros. Co. For Spry Vegetable Shortening. This will go perfect with a young girl/child's apron I found several weeks ago at the Webb's Antique Mall in Indiana. I need to get my vintage transfers...let's see, which to choose.....dancing bowls, singing silverware...
In past posts I mentioned finding vintage towels given away at the Ruth Lyons Show ...Google her to find out some interesting Cincy TV history.......during the 40's-50's. I turned one into a lovely pillow with hand-embroidery highlighting the floral frame, portrait of Ruth Lyons and her signature.

Well, what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a book I've been searching for to complete the set.

This book tells the story of her life. Her loves, The tragedies...the loss of her beloved daughter.... and people she met along the way, the famous and celebrity.
It was a surprisingly good read. I loved the trip down memory lane of all the old actors of the vintage films and the TV personalities of the 60's. I'm going to list this on my website with the pillow as a set. I'm debating on placing on Etsy too.

Well, my trip through the antique mall it almost done. Oh boy, another stack of books......

I love, love the illustration of this 1945 General Foods Favorite Recipes For Country Kitchen. The inside black and white stills and illustrations are just as great. I had to snatch it up at only $3. If you look real close you'll notice 'Mom' is wearing an apron that was made to match her dress and so is the little girl. Isn't that so... 40's? I was thinking of adding this to a themed apron, but sorry, this is mine. I can't bear to part with it. It reminds me of my great Grand-Parents (both sides) old farms and gardens. I may frame this for a kitchen wall hanging...maybe in a way so it can be easily taken out and used.....gotta think on that one.
Seems my trip through the antique mall was a 'fruitful' one with a lot of ideas 'cookin' in my mind. Have you been to any good antique malls lately? Have you made any cool vintage finds?
Let's here about it. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post.
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Meg said...

Love the old cook books! And no, I'm not the same Meg as the Vintage Garden one; I love flowers but hate sweating in NC planting them