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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm back.....

.....Here we go. A nice glass of iced tea. refreshing and nice breeze going. Someday I'm hoping to get a fan for out here. That'll really make it cool on sultry days. Hm, the old aluminum coffee pot, yes it least that's what the guy said that sold it to me at a booth in Kentucky on the Longest Yard Sale route a few years ago. For $5 I didn't really care I love the Bakelite handle and the filigrees design etched on the front. A ways down the road in Tennessee I found the creamer and sugar that matched. They make great citronella candle holders, don't you think? The Aluminum bowl is a Rodney Kent Tulip pattern, but it was so stained in the bottom that I just keep it out here to hold fruit sometimes. Aren't the trio of bear cubs cute? They are from the Pigeon Forge Pottery. I collected them over the years. That is my fav place on earth. When I started going down there River Rd. in Gatlinburg was partially been 45 years ago!! We still go down as often as we can, but I still love the countryside more than hanging around the city.
That bottle on the table over there was hand-painted at a shop located in a log house between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg called AuntieBellum's...I'm not sure if they're still there..a resort cabin place moved in across from they could've gobbled them up. Yes I do have a lot of candle holders out here and I usually have citronella torches too. They keep the mosquitoes and pest away very well.

My Mother-In-Laws old
Oil lamp is filled with citronella oil too. The fragrance?

Well, there's mint all around in the beds and Chameleon plant's the lemon thyme in the teacup there on the stack of books.
See right there in the Abraham Lincoln Commemorative teacup and saucer. It matches the plate hanging behind the lamp with arrangement on it. They were both $2 was chipped and one cracked, but they work fine outside. Yes I leave that old watercolor botanical print all year round. It doesn't hurt it at all. I change it out at Christmas and winter though.
Here you get a better view standing here.
The little ceramic squirrel on a log is my vintage planter it sits atop a brass filigree base. Right now I have faux violets in it, but in the fall I fill it with nuts...somehow I go out and by one....they go of these days I'll find the little thief.

Yes, you've noticed. I have a problem with bare walls...can't stand 'em. They're like a blank canvas waiting to be filled. Yes, those geraniums are so pretty and so easy to care of...fooled ya didn't I..hehe..they're fake. For some reason anything planted in the plastic pots die. They dry out so fast and I thing the plastic heats up in the sun and cooks the roots, sooo, I "planted" faux geraniums. Those birds..I can't remember where I found those, but they are Coppercraft wall pieces. I don't know if you remember the home parties women used to have thru this company, but they carried beautiful home accents , serving pieces, and jewelry. Mom had a home party when I was really young, but I remember those pieces. These were a steal at $3 for the pair. Isn't the Amber glass and rusted wrought iron candle pretty? At night it gives off the most wonderful glow. No, that is not Jim's catch of the day. That is our 'Big Mouth Billy Bass' and it is my one piece of funky junk that makes me smile. I have no idea just does. Would you like another glass of tea? have to leave already? Wish you could've stayed longer. Well, next time you stop by, we'll do lunch out back on the kitchen porch. You bring the cupcakes.


black eyed susans kitchen said...

There is relaxing fun all around your house. I love the green metal chair especially. You have found some very cool stuff!
♥, Susan

Melody said...

Hey Susuan!
So glad ya stopped by. A lot of things I got I've had since I was 10-12 years old. I had so much by the time I got married, Mom and Daddy said I didn't have a hope chest...I had the hope basement. They were glad when I got the stuff to my own house. Oh,and see how your cloth goes with my throw? I was so happy when I found that.