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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello Etsy Cottage Style Friends!

What a wonderful Blog party theme Marcella has come up with this week! I'm so excited cause not only is it a blog party, but I'm also celebrating my 6 Month Blogiversary...soooo, don't leave without checking out the end of this post!
What a wonderful Blog Party theme Marcella has come up with this week!
"You're Never Too Old To Play With.........."
This is an easy theme for me. It's Dolls!!
I love to search for old 1930-60's discarded dolls and dress them up or reinvent their look.

This 1950 plastic doll came completely hair, no clothes,....I coiffed the hair and designed and hand-embroidered and painted her lampshade dress. I even got to use my floral design skills and create a matching wreath for the base. This was my first nightlight design.

This was my greatest vintage find. A 1930's Composite Doll.
I cleaned her up, embroidered her christening dress and even added a 1930's Tam for her wings. It took a while to complete, but well worth it.

This is Frenchie. When I found her in a box of broken dolls and parts I was thrilled. Her hair was all dishevelled. Her once beautiful satin dress faded and torn, but she was still a beauty. I found a 1940's hankie that accented the side dress panel on her original dress that covers the faded satin and hand-embroidered the pattern. I had to redo her do and create a new feathered felt hat. Her lace umbrella was tattered so I stitched it up and added some beads on the handle. Voile' A Fancy Frenchie.

These are just a few of my doll creations. Please go to past posts and see my other vintage finds and creations. You can also visit my website at for other one-of-a-kind vintage designs.
Oh, don't forget to read my post from June 13th. I'm having a giveaway to celebrate my 6 month Blogiversary! Just leave a comment and you're entered.
Thanks for stopping and I hope you win!
........friends stitched together by embroidery thread.......
P.S. Stop by the Etsy Cottage Style group...Textile Artists..and post some pics of how your decorate your outdoor rooms..porch, patio, deck, etc....on my discussion page "It's Getting Warmer. How Do You Decorate Your Outdoor Room?"


debi @ life in my studio said...

Love your dolls, they're very pretty. You've done a beautiful job of recreating them. I love the dress you made for the 1930's pretty!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Melody! What a fun passion you the second doll! You do a great job rescuing them, good for you!
Thank you so much for playing with us today!

chris said...

What a great thing to do. Rescue doll and make them beautiful!! I loved all your dolls and all the lovely creations you put on them.
Great job!
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi your dolls are wonderful. They make me think of my childhood. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by worldgazing!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Love the dolls! I think I had a Frenchie once, a hand me down from my grandmother. Sadly I don't remember what happened to her. If I knew then what I knew now I would have honored her more. My mom collects dolls and these days understand that passion. :-)

The French Bear said...

Great dolls, I think I have a few you could rescue!!!! Thank you for stopping by today, I really love to have new friends stop in and say hello!!!! I will check back and read your other posts!!! A draw somewhere....I'm in!!!!!
Margaret B

simplydelicious said...

The dolls are so sweet! Please stop by my blog to visit the party, too.
XO Karen

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Melody! Thank you so much for coming by and attending my Mad Tea Party. Your sweet comments were very much appreciated! I really enjoyed having a look around your blog. Have a wonderful week.

My Desert Cottage