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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Tuesday!

What a busy day today already. Up at 4AM, did a little matching together of some design ideas with fabrics and embellishments ( will have some pics coming soon), made lunches, got dressed, and headed to the polls. Already about 20 people there and voting, which is a lot for our area at that time of morning, with about 20 more behind me waiting. Those volunteers will have a lonnnnnggg day. Now I have to get in flower mode and get to designing. Time to decorate for Christmas, change displays.... it's gonna be a lonnnngggg day for me too.

Speaking of Christmas I have a few things done this is just one example
This is my Angel Love Box. (excuse the pic) I found a stash of 6" plastic 50's dolls at an antique mall and bought every one they had. I love 'em. They're completely hair, no clothing, ready to create with. I hand applied her tresses added my hand-embroidered Christmas hankie added the doily and affixed her to the top of my box that I partially covered with plaid Christmas satin. I love these. I put a little poem I wrote with it. The gist is you can't open it, it's filled with love inside. Will have to create some for everyday too.
Well, I'd better close for now. My work work day begins officially at 9AM, soooo, I must get to the real flowers not the embroidered ones.
No matter the lines...Vote!

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