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Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of year is so hectic. Centerpieces for clients Thanksgiving tables, redecorating the flower shop for Christmas, getting ready for the Sharonville Holiday Craft Show on Saturday, shopping for my own Thanksgiving's time to slow down, take a breath and recall what I have to be thankful for.
The best blessings are my family, including my furry family members too, and friends, old and new, are at the top of the list. All those who have stopped at my websites, the shop, and my show booths.
The little everyday miracles throughout the year are the most surprising and oft forgotten... a flower arrives in the exact color needed, you find all the socks in the dryer, the antique mall is closing, but they let you browse till lights out. A stranger gives you the last bunch of green bananas on the display. Someone you don't know stops you to say they like your outfit or tote. You press ENTER on the computer and it doesn't go blank. I have a lot more and I know these are little things, but they remind me God is on my shoulder watching. Let me know what your thankful for.
Okay I have to get back to work. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. If you're in the Cincinnati area for the weekend e-mail me and I'll give you directions to the Craft show.

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