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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I finally have the photos from the 32ND Sharonville Arts and Craft Show. It was an early day. Set up began at 8a and was to be done by 11a when the show opened. There was over 50+ vendors setting up all at once, but it sure ran smooth. Some people began walking by during set up . They were interested in things I and fellow vendors were taking out of our boxes. Some vendors used just tables for display, others used chrome store fixtures, and still others used covered cases. I like to use antiques when displaying my textiles. A 30's-40's wooden ironing board, from Jim's Grandma, just lends itself to the theme. The clothes line suspended between tent posts added some charm and much needed space. The table with the vintage tablecloth was a perfect spot to do some demo embroidery while people gathered.

This small cherry child's bed was a great find at little used furniture shop in Northern Ohio. Jim attached the foot board and headboard creating a display bench for my bolster pillow. It also created an entryway making it look more like a small room. Another cherry table stood behind it with more items.

The tent was located on the corner so I was lucky to have more usable space on the ground and in the air. I suspended items on decorative chain. It was a 10x10 space, but boy it felt like more.

This is Jim, my husband. As you can see he is very interested in the newspaper. He didn't even notice I was taking his pic. He was a very big help that day though. He stayed the whole time. I was proud of him, he was able to answer some questions about vintage he must have been listening to me a little when I didn't know it. He did leave for a minute and brought Shadow, our Norwegian Elkhound, down to sit with us. He was our official greeter. He certainly brought a lot of people into the booth. Later in the day my Mom and Dad came. It was a quick tear down with their help.

And, this is me..front row, second over in the blue jeans holding the doll. I was so happy, and surprised, to have been awarded first place in Mixed Media/Fiber Arts.

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