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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rednesday Postponed

Today is a sad Rednesday for me. We lost one of our beloved cats Monday, quite suddenly.
If you haven't heard me talk of the began 4 years ago, on April 16th, when some one threw 9 kittens into our yard. 3 hairless and eyes not open yet.....3 just with hair and eyes open, quite sickly.....2 about a week old...and 1 almost 2 weeks.
Of course the newborns had no chance of surviving. We quickly scooped up the rest and rushed to our Vet.
Now, you must know, I am no cat person. I have never had cats and the one's I've met had no like for me. I had been bit by declawed cats and clawed by defanged cats...which being declawed and defanged would possibly make them cranky to begin with, but suffice to say cats don't normally warm up to me. I have had wolves...deer....raccoons....skunks....untamed horses...and a various menagerie come to's.....go the other way. So, when these little guys and girls came to us I was skeptical and I was taking care of them so they could find good homes. As a matter of fact I had a bad allergy attack the week they came home with us and the Doc did and allergy test...He said he had good news and bad...the good news was I wasn't allergic to Shadow..the bad news
for Jim, we had 6 cats now cause I wasn't allergic to them either.
The far left little guy is Happy Cat. He is the smallest and was sickly...his tail goes all the time when held or talked to or eats. The
far back two...left Monkey Cat and right Princess Lea...Monkey loved to climb and find his way into the bedroom with our 60
pound Norwegian Elkhound,hence the plexiglass gate and not a regular fence. Lea laid her ears back all the time like the hairdo from Star Wars and was very regal. The front 3 leaning on the plexiglass is Gizzy Wizzerbang, cause when he ate his bottle his ears wiggled back and forth and his tail would twirl in a circle. We thought he'd take off for a short flight any minute. Center is Sammy, just cause, and right is Leo the Lionhearted. He was the sickest of the bunch. We almost lost him, Happy, and Gizzy, but today..............................................................
Thanks to their Doggy Daddy..Shadow the Elkhound.....who adopted them as his own much to my relief..(I was really worried he was just watching them to  see if they got 'ripe' for a doggie snack, hey, he is a dog and from past experience they just do not get along).....they

learned how to eat and drink from bowls....sleep in their own room..
chew Nylabones and play fetch. All sorts of useful things. No kitty catnip for them. Too stinky and dirty. They get baths...yes...we have to watch cause they get into the shower or sink with running water. Okay what can I say they think they are dogs. They even growl..not purr..not hiss..not kitty Shadow. If they are in other rooms we tell Shadow to find em. He sits in the living room...without a noise....and they all come running to him. The one thing we wish they had taught Shadow was how to use a litter box, but he too one look inside and looked up at us like 'Really?!" and went straight to the door. Oh Well. They do have separation anxiety issues and they want nothing to do with outside, but otherwise they are happy and healthy
Until, Sunday night Monkey began acting strange. So, Monday morning he was screaming...I took him to the Vet to find he had a hereditary Kidney and bladder condition.There was no warning sign he was just down. Surgery wasn't cure, just a postponement, if he made it thru surgery. Eventually and suddenly it would poison him. 
Jim rushed to the Vet with me and Monkey...and to take me home.
It was a bad Monday.

This is Monkey. He was the Alpha Male. The others are so lost right now. Sammy especially..she hasn't slept right since Sunday...she knew something was wrong. Jim was really close to this cat...Shadow looks for seems the others are waiting for him to come back....Me..I just hold em all and say it'll be okay, but I miss Monkey walking up and patting me on the cheek with his paw and giving me Eskimo Kisses. He had the oldest eyes..ya know what I mean. If there was a fight I'd tell him to go break it up. He did!! he'd sit on em..and he was 14 pounds of kitty muscle. If someone had gone under the bed he'd round em up for me. If I were to draw a caricature of him he'd wear a bowler hat and have a stubby cigar in his mouth. He'd sound like a gravelly voiced little old man. 
Man, I miss him. If I had known this is how it would have turned out 4 years ago...I'd do it again...gladly....just so I could have this little peice of God's love in our life. 


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I am so sorry for your loss......Thinking of you and your family...


Mindie Hilton said...

I am sorry for your loss. Hugs.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

So sorry Melody. Losing a furry friend is definitely losing a loved family member. My heart goes out to you. ((hugs)), Pam

Tina said...

((Hugs)) Melody. It's so hard to lose a furry family member. Your other fury friends will be a comfort to you and you to them.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

aww honey, so sorry. I was not a cat person either until a feral cat had 4 in our garage. We now have 4 inside and 3 outside plus 2 others that show up for food.
They are all different, have their own personalities so you grow to love them for who they are. Your purrbaby had a wonderful home and you gave him a quality life for as long as you could. (())

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Oh Melody! I'm so sorry to hear about Monkey! Our furry families are our bestest goodest forever friends and loved ones. They love us so much, give us so much and ask for so little in return.

Sending lots and lots of hugs your way. xo

Classes n Camps said...

hey honey, so sorry for your loss....
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Deanies Stash said...

Hi Melody. I am so sorry for your loss of your furry friend. I hope things are looking up this week.

Hugs, Dianne

Create With Joy said...

I am so sorry for your loss!
I know how hard it is to lose a cat you love. I am dealing with loss too.

Miss you and hope you are back blogging again with us soon!

Sending hugs your way!

Create With Joy

Anonymous said...

Oh, Melody, it's been so long since I've come by, and I'm so sorry to hear you lost your sweet friend. That was a sad, sweet story, and you were so loving to give the kittys a home. I hope your heart heals from the happy memories he gave to you.

I've been busy writing, and trying to get my book on CreateSpace, so I haven't had any red to show, or the time to drop by. But I will try to stay in touch. I miss Rednesdays.

All my love,
Marianne xo

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Feel sorry for your loss.......
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