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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Creativity Under Construction

The past few posts have showcased my porch transformations over the past years. I know I said I'd show my porch for the 4th..........
well, life happens so, this Summer's porch will be a constant work in progress.
You remember the new block quilt, That is still in use, but I've changes the table............

 As you see I have added a new table topper, a ceramic pitcher in the 'Cades Cove' pattern that was purchased as premiums in the early 90's at Meijer grocery stores. The painted colonial lady is really a vintage Aunt Jamima syrup dispenser that a neighbor hand-painted. The crochet-lined basket filled with apples is always on the table. I added some Country coffee table books and the little watering can was a windchime that had lost it's chimes.

The new topper is a section of is vintage table cloth in a native american pattern

Last year...late fall...Jim surprised me with a new table and set of chairs for  the front porch........................................
 It was $40!! 2 extra chairs we $5 each. Its brown with red, blue, and green stripes on the chairs and the table is copper tone with glass top. It fit perfect.
I topped it with my brown gingham table cloth gifted to me by my blogpal Cindy at Whimsical Musings. The coffee pot, creamer, and sugar are in the center. I added vintage ceramic gingham inspired accents...
                              A pie plate and covered bowl.

You may recognize the center red, white, and blue runner..........yes, it is a piece salvaged from this once useful plastic table cloth that finally shredded. And, the best thing is actually matches the quilt....

See the floral print in the quilt. I can't believe the table cloth matches being purchased a year before the quilt. 8)

 I also have the little aluminum table still covered by a vintage hand-embroidered cloth....there are rust stains on it from when I bought it so I knew it'd be fine for outside.....and topped it with my Pigeon Forge Pottery bears, my wicker and aluminum basket filled with a spider plant We're nursing back to health, a hand-painted bottle, and 2 books on flowers and wreaths.

This shot shows my small raised garden filled with Chameleon plant, ivy, mint, and cedar. The trellis did have my Butterfly Bush growing on, but the winter did it in. You can see I have placed another rusted new oil lamp over this table too.
The other pair is still next to the swing.

Sigh......That's what's new on this porch. I was also able to start fixing my Kitchen porch....................................

This is a little tease for my next post......doesn't it look 60-70's?


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Everything looks so inviting !! Very charming!!


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