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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Past Porch Decor

Hey, Thanks for comin by. Come on and sit a spell...I thought since it's 4th of July week I'd post my past Summer porch decor.  

This was my fav Summertime quilt...from Kohls and pillow...from the Lawrenceburg Antique Market........but alas the elements took their toll on the fabrics.

I always love this vignette  the Brownware plate on the wall is a broken souvenir from the Lincoln Memorial in Harrodburg, Ky
The flowers hide the crack very well.
I love the small blue Ball jars for candle light and calico is always my fav. especially for using as a quick table cover.

Now you all know how I love hand-wrought aluminum, so I couldn't not use it for outdoor room. The coffee set was purchased during the Longest Yard Sale many years ago. The bowl too.
I think the whole thing was $10 from different vendors! Oh, and the pottery bears of course are from Pigeon Forge Pottery.

Throughout this retrospective you notice not a lot changes just things are added. My Jim says I'm an 'organized Hoarder'.
But, he doesn't have much room to tease.....

This was the beginning of his outdoor man-cave til a storm came up and blew it apart. Mother Nature must have had an argument with Father Time and took it out on poor Jim. She tore his Mac tent up.
He's going to move it inside the garage.

Okay, stay tuned for more pics of porches past leading up to my newest Summer Porch. Don't forget Rednesday Wednesday here for my Patriotic Red white and blue party. And, stop by Embracing Cottage Style Blog for a week long party to Show Your True Colors.


Michele Reynolds said...

Love your patriotic porch swing!! Pinning

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Poor Jim's Mancave!! LOL Love your decorating style. You swing is so inviting ♥