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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Love Meeting Bloggers

I love meeting other bloggers. They meet in Bloglandia and follow
along the meandering path greeting each other like long lost friends.

It's like a small community where everyone knows each other

.and they've just been waiting for you stop by for a visit. You can stay a minute or park for a while. You are always welcome.

The best place to meet are at Blog Parties. Now in the real world busy folks might call this networking....which in my experience here in my little piece of Ohio seems to be a little pushy and for lack of a better word ... cliquey...similar to High School....ugh,,,shiver..shudder
But in Bloglandia it's like old fashioned old timey church or community social.......a quiet get-together of those with similar interests 

...or...a lively meeting of friendly folks with very different personalities and likes, 
but are open-minded, share opinions on everything from politics to foods...collections to decor and appreciate the differences, are inspired by them...and yes at times agree to disagree, but still respect each other's right's to be  individual. At least that's what I have found in blogging since 2006. 

I realize my Blog List is varied as are the parties I attend or host. I like an eclectic mix of friends. Some are crafty....some foodies....some literary types......some business minded....some just like to talk about anything. In the real world I may not have an opportunity to meet such an eclectic group. I find it invigorating, inspiring, and out and out plain fun. And where else, but Bloglandia can you meet someone from Alaska to the furthest reaches of Timbuktu and everywhere in between? 

For a list of Blog Parties I attend just go to my Weekly Blog Parties page HERE  If you'd like to attend parties I host, well, here we go
Rednesday Wednesday here on my blog every Wednesday
This party is open to all and you can link in items you sell, but I hope it is the body of a blog post about it with a link to the selling site. If it gets to be too cluttered with 'Ads' I'll have to rethink it.

I host blog parties over at the  Etsy Cottage Style Blogspot too. It is a little blog, attached by embroidery threads for me, to a group of very creative and talented crafters, designers, and businesses. These parties happen the every Monday and Wednesday of each week
Now,I must explain the Blog is open to all. The only time business sites (websites, Etsy, CraftCult, Ebay, Etc)  may link in is every first Monday of a month during 
Market Monday
1st week-
Monday-Market Monday
                    Virtual flea market showcasing fine                                                  art, crafts, vintage and antique items,
                 supplies, and more 

All other weekly parties listed below are open to blogging only
all selling sites will be removed. 

Wednesday-Cottage Paper Craft
Showcases all aspects of paper creations

2nd week
Monday- Cottage Vintage Finds
               Showcasing vintage finds and decor                                                       
Wednesday-Cottage Stitchery
        Showcases needlework, embroidery, crewel work,
quilting, etc, New and vintage

3rd week--
Monday-Welcome to the Cottage Craft Room
Showcases studios and craft areas, tutorials, designs in  progress.

Wednesday-Cottage Brushstrokes
 Showcases fine arts or  decorative arts, vintage or new

4th week--
Monday-Cottage Style Entertaining
                  Showcases tablescapes and recipes, dinnerware and                           serving pieces, table linens and runners. Can be using
   new items,or vintage.

Wednesday-Cottage Garden Party

             Showcases outdoor and indoor gardens, plants, garden              rooms, botanical art work, anything with a floral motif

Be sure to mark to mark your calenders 
and join me and meet some extraordinary people from Bloglandia!

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What precious pictures you've posted! Love the post.

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