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Friday, November 1, 2013

In The Pink For Saturday


So, I thought I'd share some PINK from my design collection

This pretty little lady in PINK was a Summer hit
She was a 1960 fashion need of a little update...
Her dress was created from a 1940's hand-crocheted doily and hankie that I hand-embroidered. 

I Hand-embroidered this 1960's tea towel. I loved the Colonial theme. Available

These place mats were fun to create. I combined paper rounds with denim fabric I hand-embroidered with a vintage dinnerware pattern. Available

I found a glass plate and candlestick and created a cake-plate that I hand-painted a Celedon Green to match....

This 1940's hand-crocheted doily. 

I topped it with a green glass plate that is removable for easy cleaning.  Available

Parting shot is another popular Summer item.
The Southern Belle Pillow. I combined a 1940's hankie with hand-tatted edging with a vintage embroidery transfer. Love mixing embroidery, beads, and fabric flowers.

Well. I'm off to stroll down the PINK side of Bloglandia. Hey I hope you can come by next Wednesday join in for Rednesday.


Betty Lou said...

I nice collection and pinks and greens along with your lovely handwork. As I look throughout my home, I can't spot one pink item. I used to have a bathroom with pretty pink towels but those are long gone also.. Loved looking at yours though, maybe I'll make a pink apron.

Anonymous said...

Melody, that certainly is a lovely collection of vintage and creativity. Oh, I just love the way you decorated your handmade cake stand with the 1940s crocheted doily...what a lovely display, and topped with a cake would simply be terrific!

Love the tea towels and southern belle hankie...everything is delightful.

Blessing for more days of inspiration and creation,

Marianne xo