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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank You For Bein a Friend

Since learning Google Friends Connect was closing it's garden gate I  have been taking a little walk thru the neighborhood to see if I could find a new place to meet and so you all could come on in to the Brown Gingham porch easily. 

I think I found a nice little spot.......Linky Followers. It is a nice place overseen by Brent and seems very nice. I have placed a link right under GFC (not knowing how much longer Google will have theirs up and running) I hope all Friends will Follow me over...see you there!


Marydon said...

I followed you over, Melody. I did the same thing on my blog, so come on over.
Google has really made a mess of things lately. Moreover, I don't like change!

Have a beautiful day ~

Jane said...

You're in my Google Reader - just checked - so I'm hoping that'll still work.

Linda Ruthie said...

I'm now following you on Linky. I also put it up on my blog in hopes that a few followers will find it.

Shirley said...

Hi Melody, I haven't added it to my blog yet. I tried and about lost my blog because of something I did wrong. I tell you I have a problem when it comes to doing things at times. I have been very busy with hubby and we aren't through with the doctor appointments. It is this hurry up and wait. I could put him in the hospital and that would speed up his upper gi. I just don't want him there with our boy coming home this weekend. He will be here Sat. and fly back on Sunday. Short but we will celebrate dad's birthday late and his early with the whole family. The grandsons were sick when we wanted to do dads, so we just postponed it. Hope all is well with you. Take care. Your Missouri Friend.