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Friday, February 17, 2012

Just a blush

This Pink Saturday I have just a blush of pink to share, but I hope you like it.
 Last Saturday I introduced you to Rosie. She is,or was, part of my Angelic Inspirations /Angelic Light Collection...a wonderful vintage1960's nightlight that, after 50 years, was in need of some TLC. Well, happily she was sent to a new home to be a little angelic light for the lady of the house.

Today I'd like to introduce you to ......................................

 Bonnie Blue. She is another Angelic Light. This too is a 1960's spun plastic southern-belle that has been helped with a little TLC. Her little light didn't shine anymore, so I added a separate tabletop candle lamp, which sits atop.
The warm glow seems to emanate through her whole body now.
Her skirt was a 1950's sheer hankie that I embellished with blue sapphire Sworovski crystals
It's hard to see, but here eyes have the same sparkly quality as the crystals, but her red hair has lightened after all these years to a more dark Strawberry Blonde...hey give her a break she is 50!
The bodice of her dress is accented by vintage hand-tatted edging and blue paper flowers at the waist.
Her parasol has been given a little fringe of the same edging. Do you catch a peek of the blush?
Well, here's a better view. Her wings were created by a vintage 1970's quilted square of blue roses, hydrangea, and the ever so sweet pink blush of violets.
As a final touch I accented the tip of her parasol with another blue paper rose.

Bonnie Blue is waiting at my website, here under Brown Gingham Shoppe> Angelic Inspirations>Angelic Lights and Music Boxes, to come home with you to brighten you day.

I'm joining Barbara for her Pink Saturday. I hope you come with me and see all the pink pretties!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Melody Sweetie...
Another beautiful share today. I love seeing these gorgeous gals of times past. How wonderful that they actually had lights beneath them. I know that makes them gorgeous when all lit up.

Love your blog. I am your newest follower. Can't wait to see what you share next. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs, Sherry

Shirley said...

Hi Melody, Your dolls bring back so many wonderful memories and I love the way that you have brought them back with their tlc. I have been a little busy lately with hubby and work. We have doctor appointments and they want to give him another iron infusion. Last one did absolutely nothing. All of his blood counts dropped. The only thing that went up was the platelets from 109 to 111 still low. Our boy is coming home the first weekend in March. It will be a quick trip, but no matter how long it is that we get to see him. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you later. Your Missouri Friend.

Magnolia Tea said...

Wow, you have a way of dressing up those dolls! She is gorgeous!
Have a great week!