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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm going to a new blog party on this wintry day

As I've typed before I co-host parties for the Etsy Cottage Style Blog. I have belonged to the Etsy Cottage Style Group for a long while.
Etsy Cottage Style
It is a varied mix of those who love and/or create vintage, country, and shabby chic interiors, art, and crafts, and most have Etsy Shops. The people I have met there are so creative and talented..they have inspired me.
This week's linky party is................................
To join in on the party or just to visit the 'Craft Room's' go HERE

Now if you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to your creative passion..I am in awe. My Hubby reminded me that it was probably a room created by a husband out of fear and frustration. The 'stuff' grows..takes over whole table tops...LoL... swallows a room if allowed.  We will not remind Hubby of the 'Man Cave', but to continue, I do have a Craft Closet and a little wall space adjoining no pics today. I'm one of 'those' people who knows where something is, but someone else would run screaming...think Fibber McGhee and Molly's front closet..not quite that bad, but............
I will show you where I sometimes create like here.................................................................

 In nice weather you'd find me on my rocker on the kitchen porch above or my porch swing on our front deck, below

Sometimes I'm in the kitchen

Or more likely, in the dining room with lots of light and a large surface....see why Hubby says it takes over....hehehe.

 I must admit embroidery can be done anywhere, which is why I like it soooo much. I have even  been known to embroider projects while riding  in the van 8/
 Lately I find my laptop is a place I have been creating. I am not into scrapbooking, but I do like paper and vintage images. You all that create mixed  media paper designs are awesome....someday I hope to try my hand at mixed media paper and textiles for little journals...anyway....I was the recipient of a giveaway over at  Daniella Hayes....Layers of Creativity weeks ago and received a wonderful software program for Digital Scrapbooking. I have been playing with the program for a while and find it so much fun!!! In a future post I'll have more info and a surprise, but for now let me show you  just a little of what I've created.......

A stone mat with black and white photo of our original flower shop (40 yrs ago) side window

These two banners for the new parties I co-host,

this little collage of a fairy world,

and this little mermaid collage.  Caution...THIS IS ADDICTIVE 8O)
Well, that's it for now. I think I'll go listen to a little vintage radio show here on my side bar or maybe watch a little vintage TV also on my sidebar.....just click on either button, grab a seat, and join me!


Linda M. said...

Hello Melody, I'm one of your new followers. I've join in with your blog party but I'm not sure it's the type of post you were looking for. My craft room is the dining room table mostly and sometimes, "my chair" in the living room. Thanks for hosting. Joyous Wishes, Linda

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Wouldn't it be grand if all houses came with caft rooms?!! Then we would all have our little creative space...all to ourselves! Yes, I'm dreaming...LOL

My kitchen table used to be my main area, but since separating I'm turning my bedroom into a combination bed/craft room. With no money involved it's been a tad challenging, but it's comming along.
Loved seeing your crafty areas.
Have fun with your new software!

sweet violets said...

I am so fortunate and eternally grateful to finally have my own studio room!!! The kids are gone, and I no longer need a giant master I moved into a small back bedroom and converted the master into my studio. After years of being in the basement or using tabletops and hearing a lot of complaints.......let's not dwell on the past!!!

I love it and spend all my time up here, it is also the computer room, office space, creative center, has a TV and radio, large windows....will post pics on ECS....hugs...cleo

Magnolia Tea said...

Love the vintage pics! I don't have a craft room myself. I just make stuff all over the house. ;)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Hi Melody,
I do have a smaller bed to switch out with that huge old waterbed frame but until he shows up to remove all his stuff from the garage (I've got it all boxed up, and even shoved his furniture out there!)I'm kind of stuck with no where to put it so I can bring the other one in. I thought about a daybe...which btw would be perfect...for me...the dogs on the other hand wouldn't agree. well the Chihuahua might but not the Great Dane! LOL

I just noticed I'm working with the same mermaid image you've shown! Great minds! But mine is going into an eye glass lens for a necklace.

Have a great day!

Daniella said...

You are so sweet Melody!! I am only soooo happy you are enjoying it so much!!
I haven't had the time to play with it lately, I should get back to making collages. I'll put it on my list!!
Keep having fun!

Cinderella Moments said...

Craft rooms should be included in every house! With tons of storage and work space and great lighting and natural light. One can dream!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

It all looks great Melody! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog. I'm thrilled that you are the host of these fun parties for our group.

Ciao bella,

LV said...

You are very busy with your crafting. It all looks nice no matter where you are.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Melody! Gosh, you always have so much going on, thanks so much for sharing it with us. You lucky! How wonderful to not only have a porch, but one you can sit out on and enjoy watching the world go by. I'm so envious. And I sure know what you mean about the craft supplies taking over the room (whisper whisper, the house! teehee!).

Happy Rednesday!

Annesphamily said...

Hello Melody! What a sweet post. I love all your beautiful craftiness here. I do some scraping but I need to get busy and stop making excuses. Blessings to you this beautiful weekend. Anne

Linda Young said...

Love visiting your parties,they are so much fun and soon I will join in! Haven't made anything recently, but I love your site here, and I just celebrated my first year of blogging! And I finally just got my Etsy shop up and running!
You were one of the first to send me warm greetings as a brand new ECS member!
Your porch looks so inviting!
Be blessed!