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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Wishing everyone a very Happy, Blessed, and Prosperous 2012!
Just saw the 2012 movie on Dish......phew......what a ride.
It also got me to thinking. Ya know all those who point to past civilizations that have calenders that stop at 2012? Well, did they ever think that the poor guy forced to do these calenders all his life may have gotten reeeealy tired of the mind numbing math.....come on don't you get a headache doing the checkbook? Plus he probably figured if future peoples couldn't do the math, they deserved a good scare.


Marydon said...

Good point & chuckle, Melody

May your New Year be filled with many blessings & Joys.

Antiques Galore Gal said...

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Daniella said...

you crack me up Melody!!
You really have a great point, and I have not paid any attention to this madness over 2012. Whatever will be will be!! Why worry????

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Melody,
I wanted to pop over to say "hi" and hope that you have a beautiful weekend, my friend. Thank you for your kindness and your beautiful creation!! XO Cindy