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Friday, April 29, 2011

Angelic Inspirations

As a little girl I loved to play with dolls, but not baby in the they wanted to play dress up with me. Paper Dolls were sheer delight. Today I'm still playing with dolls and not ashamed to admit it. I call them my, Angelic Inspirations, that are unique individual works of art, one-of-a-kind creations. No two are ever 
alike. The dolls I prefer to use are from the 1930's to the 60's. You know the arms and legs move by rubberbands and the eyes open and close.


I am extremely lucky to locate these, they are becoming limited in quantity due to their fragility. I 
sometimes have do a little 'corrective surgery'  and a little 'plastic surgery' on the faces if need be. I hand apply hair to the dolls or re-do the hairdo that is there. I always try to salvage the original dress the doll came with and incorporate it into the design usually as the slip or for embellishment and then its time to create.

Vintage hankies are hand-embroidered, unless they are so fragile they begin to shred...not a good thing, but managable.... I hand-embroidered the floral pattern of this 1940's hankie. Click to enlarge for better view. 

Then the embellishments are added, such as vintage rickrack, bits of jewelry, Sworovski Crystals, etc, then the underskirt of doilies, tulle, or other textile create the slip, and wings are attached. The final step is adding the angels 'voice'. Each angel has a charm which has a word or saying that has a special meaning.

This is how an Angelic Inspiration is born................................
 One day I was in a favorite antique mall when I spied this perfectly pink hat from the 1940's

It has layers of satin petals
with velvet dangle poms...
very remeniecent of tiny pink cherries


The back had the original net and very thick velvet covered wire supports. I just knew that repurposed this hat was really a perfect pair
of Angel wings! Now, this hat, when flattened was not a petite set of wings.

I knew this angel was to be larger than I was used to. I looked for months, but none of the truely vintage dolls, the size needed was at least 18", were in the price point I needed. So, while strolling thru some dolls one day I saw this face in the crowd........................................
She is definately not old, very modern, but those big baby blues just whispered Angel and she measured 18".
Het little slip was ready for much needed embellishment and her little satin slippers were ideal. On a roll I began my next search for her dress. I already had some vintage eyelet trim for the slip and was so excited when on another foray to the antique mall saw this delightful hand-tatted doily in exact size needed...........
I think these are tulips and I just love the color detail in them. Well, Now that I have the Doll, her dress and wings, it's time to put the creation together..........................................................................

As you can see her 'halo' is made of a wreath I created from latex rose petals and silk leaves. She holds a full bloomed latex rose in the palest shade of pink accented by a satin bow and her little charm that reads, 'Faith'.
See I told you  still love to play with dolls. I can't wait to show you my other Angels again, but for now I need to head off to find other vintage goodies for some other ideas I have. Thanks for stopping by!
'Faith' is available on my website or just leave me a comment if you would like more info on her.
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~Shabby~Prim~Delights~ said...

Lovely dolls....but that pink hat is to die for.
Thanx for sharing and HPS

Pam said...

She is a lovely doll. You were very creative in making her ensemble. Very cute.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

She is beautiful!! Thanks for linking in to Vintage Love Saturday, Melody! I always love seeing you there!

Jane said...

Love the way you revive the vintage dolls & turn them into angels!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day - I'm very new at it & have a LOT to learn :)

Daniella said...

Gorgeous!! She was a total labor of love! And she is perfect! Very well done, as usual!!
Brag Monday is something that the Graphics Fairy made up. Do you know her? It is a blog "" I am not certain if the word "the" is in the begining. She has a total library of vintage images that she gives away for free!! THAT is so awesome!! Then, if you want, you can link up on Monday and show off what you made using her free images. My tag is OK, but those people make things that are totally sick awesome!! I can't even attempt to compete. However, I feel that playing along might get me some more traffic. It's only my second time, and I have been using her images for quite a while. 2ish years????

Long answer! Sorry!!

Pat said...

I love making dolls too. Yours is very pretty.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Melody,
Your doll turned out wonderful with your creative accessories. You are so talented and she really does have angel eyes.
The first two vintage dolls are darling and yes rare to find now.
I can see you love playing with dolls and have so much fun.

Thank you for stopping by today. Happy May Day to you and have a great week.
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

NanE said...

Melody thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog today.
I have one of those old dollies sitting on my shelf, naked as a jaybird! Her curly hair is all matted to her head. I really need to make an outfit for her and fix her hair. I have so many fond memories of buying these dolls at the five & dime. Have a great week! Nan

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

What a great way to re-purpose vintage dolls that show their age! I have a few that are in very good condition. I remember my auntie's crocheting outfits for them!
thank you for the great ideas about a nest (())

Justine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Angel is so cute! I love the care and consideration you put into her :) I cant wait to see what you're up to next. New Follower :)