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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteren's Day

As I sit here in front of my laptop images flood my mind of past struggles our Country has seen and those we see today.....and those not thought of yet. I try to think of the eloquent words to express my appreciation and respect for those who have served.....gave thier all to serve.......serve today......and those about to recruit........the only two words that keep coming into my mind is.............Thank You.
Such small words, they don't seem big enough, but when spoken today this Veteren's Day it seems to reverberate around the world.

I was looking for some inspiration for this post and I came across this poem by Edgar Guest, Poems of Patriotism. It was written in 1942 during the Second World War, but still today so apprapo,especially 
 after 9/11

See It Through
There are many to cheer when the battle begins,
There are many to shout for the right;
There are many to rail at the world and its sins,
But few have the grit for the fight.
There are thousands to start with a rush for the fray
when the fighting seems easy to do,
But when danger is present and rough is the way,
The few  have to see the job through.
It is easy to quit with a battle unwon,
It is hard to press on to success;
It is easy to stop with a purpose undone,
It is hard to encounter distress.
And many will march when the roadway is clear
and the glorious goal is in view,
But the many, too often, when dangers appear,
Aren't willing to see the fight through. 
They weaken in spirit when trials grow great,
They flinch at the clashing of steel;
They talk of the strength of the foe at the gate
and whine at the hurts that they feel.
They begin to regret having ventured for right,
They sigh that they dared to be true,
They haven't the heart they once had for the fight,
They don't want to see the job through.
We have set out to battle for justice and truth,
We have fearful disasters to meet;
We shall weep for the best of our manliest youth,
We shall suffer the pangs of defeat.
But let us stand firm for the cause that we plead,
Let the many be brave with the few;
Let the cry of the quitter let none of us heed
Till we've done what  we started to do.

As I read this poem I think of that fateful day when Terrorists declared war on all Americans.
Not the US Government...not the Military......decisive strikes against Children, Women, and Men, who  with no warning, an enemy would target just for thier belief in freedom and equality.
We as Americans have to realize that our freedom, our outlook that all men and women are equal, as created by God, no matter creed, color, or social statis is what this enemy terrifies them.

The enemy of past was loud.......bold.....boastful.......arrogant.
Today's enemy has learned, be cunning.....use guile...perception...deception the best cover.
            Today under the auspicies of religion they wage thier war, but  tyrants are the same no matter the date, no matter how they package it.....
opression, fear, and genocide are thier tools used to impose their core beliefs.
We have to remember, be you Christian, Jew, or Muslim we believe  in the same one, true, God. Maker of Heaven and Earth, creator of all. That is one huge common demoninator.
Those who use Religion as a cry for war...
Shame on them.
No matter if you agree with the current military actions....please say thank you to those who give you the right to voice that opinion.

  Siemper Fi

Happy Birthday US Marine Corp.

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