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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's time to show my true colors!

Flag Day is Monday and Fourth of July is around the corner. RED, white, and blue are the colors of American Summer.
I was at Walmart and found this great new throw...........
Sorry, but this is not my porch, ...wish I had a day bed and porch with enough room for's dark out right now and there's no way to get a good, I found this pic on Walmart's website of the throw.  I love the vintage look and it'll be great on my porch swing.......

(This is my old throw.It is my Favorite throw, but  after 15 years it was ready to be retired.)

especially with pillows made from ......

This 1940-50 love worn table cloth in a Native Amrican motif and
this Southwest harvest motif.

I have some new creations that show thier true colors.

This little Angelic Inspiration is about 65 years old. Her crocheted dress and hat are original. I added her vintage 1940's doily wings and embellished with sequin stars, an American red paper rose, and a new flag.
Included is a wonderful book, Poems of Patriotism by Guest. This book has so many poems still relevant
today. She is $24.99
There is another Angelic Inspiration honoring our National Flower....... 
She is a 1930-40 composite doll with her original hand-tatted dress, but I added her 1950's hankie skirt in a rose mothif. Her wings are a 1940-50 doily and she holds a garland of hand-tatted edging with paper red roses. She sports a matching headband. She is $34.99

I can't wait to show you pictures of my completed porch and I really enjoyed creating these patriotic dolls. I hope to have more soon available at my Etsy shop. Link is on the side of blog to take you to my Etsy shop.

I'm happily linking this post to my friend Susan's blog  over at It's a Very Cherry World for her,

I hope you stop  by and see all the Red letter finds others have HERE .
I also wanted to remind you to stop over at the Etsy Cottage Style Blog for Market Monday. I Co-host this meme every first Monday of the month. We over 50 vendors who link on and invite you to come to the Market, browse and buy. This is our third Market Monday and it has steadily grown to quite a large group. It's really like a virtual Flea Market, but better. You can visit 24/7, no heat, no finding a parking spot, jammies and fuzz slippers optional.
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Shelley said...

Those little dolls are very sweet....thanks for sharing...blessings

Angela said...

I remember having those types of dolls when I was younger. My mother even made a few..She would 'store' toilet paper roll under the

Manang Kim said...

Your dolls and your throw are perfect for me ^_^ Love the reds! Happy REdnesday.


SueLovesCherries said...

That throw will look awesome on your swing! The dolls are adorable - love what you've done with them!

CACHANILLA73 said...

It is a gorgeous throw... I like the old one too. Very nice collection.

~~Carol~~ said...

I love this post, because I love the old red, white and blue! I can't wait to see your porch all put together. And I love your patriotic dollies too!
Happy REDnesday!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Oh my gosh, I love your vintage tablecloths!

Happy Rednesday,

Tea said...

Hi there! What a lovely and interesting blog you have here! I love vintage, home and family so I'm enjoying my visit immensely.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. In answer to your question I live on the peaceful side of the Smokies near Townsend, Tenn. I'll be putting new pics of soon of a recent trip to a fabulous mill we just visited.

Cinderella Moments said...

Love the colors! Great new throw! I love your old retired throw too! Those don't ever really get retired, do they? They always find their way back out I think!

Shirley said...

Hi My Friend. Your dolls remind me of one that I have put away. The dress was crochet by my mother. We have enough rain that the rivers are out, but we didn't get the storms thank goodness. I hate these waiting sessions to get things done. I just wish it would be done the next day. I get impatient. How are you doing with all of the air qualities not being the best at the moment? My oldest is going to be my driver when they give me the test that they put me to sleep. I know he will have problems, but with it on Friday he said that he would have two days to rest up. He enjoyed being my driver when we went to Ashland Nebraska. We will be doing some more during the summer that is for sure and he can do the driving and I will furnish the car. You have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Melody,
Love the doll in the pretty red dress! Very cute.

You've got to try and get to Lawrenceburg next month. Its their 25th season anniversary, so they are expecting a big crowd.
I haven't been to Burlington this year yet.

Kimberly :-)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We liked the quilt you picked out - it will look perfect on your porch! Love your dolls, love the face on the last one :)
Have a nice weekend Melody!
Karla & Karrie

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Perfect post for today being Flag Day!! Love all of your pictures.
♥, Susan


Oh Melody, Your dolls you created are so darling, I love them. I really love your new throw too! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my dream of living by the shore. I hope that it works out but it not now it will be in the future. I hope your dream of the smokey mountains comes true for you!


Love it!