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Thursday, January 22, 2009

vintage finds

After my last post I thought I'd show some of my recent vintage finds from my recent travels.

These two pretty vintage hats were in great condition. The one on the bottom is from the late 1930's- early 40's. The haberdashery flowers are a luscious satin and velvet mix of taupes and muaves. The bright, springy piece on the top is from the 1950's-60s and it to contains velvet and silk flowers. I cannot bring myself to tear these apart, so I'll have to think how to repurpose them.

A several days later and a few more excursions I found this cute 1940's doll. Her cheeks are so rosy and lips a little red bow. When her eyes are open they are a deep blue with long painted lashes. I will have to fix her crocheted dress. Her hairdo will definitely need attention too! The over sized hankie is from the 30's, as you can see, has already begun being highlighted with embroidery around the leaves. I think I found my inspiration for this angel. Combine all this with the vintage hat as wings and voile'. It's not a traditional valentine color scheme, very monochromatic, but with the copper hearts and some other embellishments, she'll say 'Love'. I'll post a pic when she's completed.
Alas, the other hat will have to wait. I still have to find an inspiration for it. I'm thinking maybe flower fairyish? Have to cut it for wings...can't bring myself to put a scissor to it. Maybe as a topper of some kind with the doll..( still to be found) ....standing in the center? It's just pipecleaner and net's wouldn't support much. Getting ahead of myself. I still have to find a vintage doll and fabric to match the hat...I'm off!


EnglishCottageRose said...

WOW, I want to go there, looks like so much fun, Char

Melody said...

Let me know when your going!! One thing about Ohio we have shopping. outlet malls, strip malls, acres of of shopping malls, antique malls and even whole towns like Waynesville, Ohio dedicated to antiques. We go for 'rides' a lot, so I'll have more pics of other places.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I think that Mrs "C" wore that flowered hat on happy days. I love antiquing...I really am going to have to consider a road trip to Ohio.
♥, Susan

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Love the vintage hats. Especially the second one.

Kimberly :)

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Lovely finds! Adore the taupe, brown combination with the doll!~~~XXOO, Beth

Melody said...

Hi Kimberly and Beth!
Whew..haven't been able to get to work and my comp here at work since Tuesday. Todays my first day back. Thanks for stopping by. The one good thing about being iced/snowed in at home..I was able to complete those two hats in angel designs. I'll show you later in my blog.