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Monday, January 12, 2009

Vintage Alphabet

Since this is the beginning of a new year I would like to thanks all those Bloggers and Typepad typists who have visited my website/etsy site/blog in 2008, and (who have become fast friends) for adding me to their Blog Lists and/or linked us together through their websites. I didn't think when I began a blog in November of 08 that anyone would be interested in my thoughts, etc. but you all have given me such encouragement. Again a BIG thank you

Now onto my post..........
Since this is January I thought that I'd do some blogs that contained a little vintage alphabet. So, since this is the first month the corresponding letter should be
A for apron. That quintessential hostess staple of the 30's-60's. I suppose with the arrival of Women's Lib in the 70's this little piece of material was synonymous with tying women to the kitchen, thus the ties that bind must be broke. Fast forward 30 years and several stained and grease spattered frocks later, the apron is back and gaining popularity. Just type a search for
a-p-r-o-n and view the myriad of offerings, clubs, and blogs dedicated to the lowly fashion accent.
Here are a few of my fav examples,

This frilly 50's find was just a plain cotton jane, but I hand-embroidered the pocket motif and added a couple of fluttery butterflies. Also included with this apron is a 1950 Cookie Book published by the Culinary Arts Institute. The cook book fits perfectly in the pocket.

Don't you just love the graphics of the vintage books?

My next choice is a little appluscious find. A 1940's apron with apple applique pockets that were placed over a hand-embroidered brick wall. I added hand-embroidered blossoms covering over small stains making this find just like new. In the pocket I added a 1950's Pies and Pastries Cook Book. There are a lot of interesting recipes like Alphabet Pie using Alphabet noodles or Cottage Cheese pie. You should be able to enlarge a pic to view the recipe. I have some new ideas on the worktable that I will have on my site soon. Now, Do you have a fav apron that you own or that is on your website for sale. Let's see your finds!

1 comment:

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Cute aprons!
I have a vintage patchwork one that I actually use, but my favorite is a pink and teal border print apron that I have on the website.
Its very gathered and soooo full. Love it!

Kimberly :)