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Monday, March 24, 2014


It is still winter here. It has been
up to 70 in the last 48 hours! sigh,,,,,someone up there has a warped sense of humor...I'm just
Okay. As I type salt trucks seem to be preparing....schools are waiting for the dreaded SNOW stores, of course, saw more than a few snow panicked shoppers...hehe, gotta laugh at those folks..sorry...  and me....I am not going any where on the outside if there is even a skim of white stuff on the I said the Big Guy has a warped  sense of leg and rear are not meeting pavement again any time soon. Thankfully I feel much better. Still a twinge after a long day, but manageable.
I haven't been able to go walking anywhere in weeks....Jim brought me home a vintage magazine one night as a surprise and yesterday he took me to Waynesville, Ohio (antique mecca of southwest Oh)
to look for some fabric at the Fabric Shack for a shower gift I am finishing (pic later) OMG I love the place go HERE to check it out.
We grab some lunch and went into Lilly's Antique Mall to browse. I found 2 vintage pattern packets I'll show you later. But, alas, I still couldn't walk too far, but hey it was more than I did a few days prior.
Well, it's late ..12AM...or early morning..depending on how you see it. I'm pooped. See ya later. Oh and don't forget Rednesday on Wednesday!
Late morning update!!!
No SNOW!!!! what'd I tell ya. It's cold out there, but no white stuff....turned out today began as a good day!
Early afternoon continuation.......................
Ha. Now the Weatherman is saying late afternoon and evening building snow 'event'. Poor guy. I envision him tossin his charts in the air.
Anyhoo. This is a good day for stayin in and catchin up.

Doin a little cleanin up.............if my booboo's'll
let me....hmmmm.

Doin some embroidery
I'm thinkin of adding a line of country/cottagey hand-embroidered
pillowcases...Prim and Proper Pillowcases..... 
to my Brown Gingham line. I add various fabrics to the open end to create more of a pillow sham than a traditional case. They have been very popular for wedding shower gifts...I'm not finished with this one yet.

This is the one I mentioned earlier for the shower gift
Just a little glimpse..Catherine make be peekin....her bedroom colors are light blue, green, and white. After the shower I'll show the finished shams

This is the new vintage 1949 Woman's Day magazine Jim gave me a few weeks back. Guess I'll be doin a little readin too.

As I told ya before..Sunday I went to Waynesville to the Fabric Shack....if you didn't use the link above to check out this shop go back and click it! It is a fabric wonderland filled with traditional fabrics and ones that you'd swear were vintage feed sack. I suggest you go in cause I don't know about you, but I love to feel the fabrics as well as see em,.... that's where I found the stripe fabric for my gift. We also went into one of the small antique mall's, Lilly's
and I found these..................................................

two vintage pattern packets. The one to the left has 3  great apron is a full duster!

the one below has two very traditional apron patterns, one a hostess, and one a work. Plus there are scarve patterns! and a slipper pattern! believe it or not I've never tried to make those.ass em up at  

Couldn't pass em up at $3.50 Oh and all the pattern pieces are there. Sometimes ya get home and there something luck.

So, this has been a loooonnnng post, but I haven't been able to sit long enough or see straight to type and I've missed hearing from you all and seeing your posts....that's the other thing on my to do list....go Blog Hoppin! And of course see you all for Rednesday Wednesday
And, I'm also joining


Anonymous said...

Hi, Melody, dear...

So happy to hear you are feeling better. You'll be back to your good self in no time.

Just when I was able to go purchase a juicer I've been wanting, a cold decided to disrupt my plans :/ Oh, well, I'll get it when I can.

I'll have to check out the fabric link. I don't have anything to show for REDnesday...I've been in the process of rethinking my blog, so in the meantime I'm posting some articles I've written.

Stay well, and think SPRING!

Marianne xo

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

I love your embroidery, it's so pretty and charming. I just got a new vintage mag too, wonder if it's the same one? I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing this at the History & Home Link Party this week! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

LV said...

So fun to look back through the vintage magazines.

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

Cute embroidery! I haven't looked at a vintage magazine in a long time... I remember my mother subscribing to a number of mags way back when. They would be fun to look at now!

Jill said...

I just saw that little ad with the girl sweeping in one of my vintage magazines yesterday - it's sweet!