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Sunday, September 9, 2012

What I did this Summer

Wait a minute......what's goin's what day?! OMG  Labor Day Weekend has come and gone ?! Sigh. Where did Summer go?

My 'To Do List' hasn't even seen a dent made in it. With the way the weather's been around here most flowers and plants have had to fend for themselves............................................................................

My Summer Phlox at the Old Water Pump fountain has continued blooming since July, but I think it has come to an end. As has the Black-eyed Susans. The Clematis at my bike still hasn't bloomed, but it is full and green. Luckily I love Natural Gardens or Wild-flower Gardens. OK Ok some call the plants I have 'Roadsidea'...others weeds, but it is lush, green, blooming, and basically takes care of itself folks. LOL, people ask what is that striking leaf back there...that ground cover....oh what a pretty little flower...I say with a straight face , 'Red-clover mixed with Mint, Sedum, Hosta, Chemeleon Plant, Fountain Grass, Cedar, Butterfly Bush, Dandelion Greens, Woodsorrel, Ground Ivy, Sun Spurge, Thistle, Purslane, assorted Asters, Joe Pye Weed, to name a few.' You can imagine the horrified looks I get from 'true' gardeners, but hey, we are surrounded by woods, it looks so natural why fight it..incorporate it! ;)

Between running errands and appointments this Summer I have gotten some embroidery finished, but projects are still awaiting to be completed...yes...some fall inspired and...yikes...Christmasy and made some great finds at the mall.  I have yet to take pics of the progress or bad.

Now, I do have a very special...What I Did On My Summer tell you about.
During the past 3 months I have been working with the Ohio Valley Antique Mall to acquire a space in 
their Mall. This is my FAV antique mall in Cincy. It is a 65,000 sq. ft. vintage and antique wonderland sprinkled with OOAK crafts...old and new. Talk about inspiration!

This pic was taken at the front desk

and there are still more vendors to the front left and right of this desk I didn't get in the shot!
Not only are there aisle and aisles with booths and booths to browse 
and over 200 cases to check out

they have a couple of small areas for themed displays using various items from assorted vendors.
These are from the Summer..they change almost weekly it seems.

Of course while shopping you do work up a hunger and they have a lovely little Cafe

with yummy sandwiches, hearty soups, scrumptious bakery goods, and refreshing beverages. Beleive it or not they have 2 eating areas filled with even more themed displays with items for sale!!! You can give your feet a break and browse vintage and antique offerings from the comfort of a chair while eating! Okay, I don't know about you, but those are two of my favorite things to do...hehe

Well, since I've showed you around the place a little, it's time to introduce you to
Brown Gingham on the Avenue
My case..#224... is located on the back wall at the end of Phoenix Avenue. I have added other creations since this pic was taken. 
I am now located on Arizona Avenue in booth #253 
If you're in the Greater Cincinnati area this mall is centrally located to the I-75 Corridor and the 275 Loop
I hope if you visit let me know..maybe we can meet there!
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SueLovesCherries said...

Hello, old friend! Hey, did you notice that you double-posted this post? Gee, it really must be important! LOL! I DO love your pump and all your wildflowers/weeds. Any chance of a close-up of the wild phlox? I'd love to see details!

I've never been to an antique mall and I'm afraid if I did go, I'd never come out! Hope your business is doing well!


Chenille Cottage said...

Hi there, my new friend!
I just love your blog. What a delightful style you have created on each post. I am so happy to have discovered you and look forward to many visits. I just became your newest follower.
Have a wonderful day,