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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cremoly, Where has November one? For pete's sake where did the warm sun go...the colorful was all  here a couple of weeks ago! Sigh. Things have been so hectic here. I feel like I'm just bouncing along behind. I didn't even get to post for Thanksgiving. I apologize for not getting my usual Thanks. cards out to all. This is the first year I missed. I think I've mentioned this before, but our phone co. has some bad lines in our area. They are threadbear for lack of a better term and moldy...we live in a woods, but in a suburb of Cincinnati..not the country!!!....they give it temp fixes...I think they ducktape em for pete's sake...then when it rains and rains and rains and rains even more...the connection goes wonky and I'm offline! ERGgggg. It must be nice to be a monopoly.
Anyway, on a brighter note, Christmas lights, Snowmen, Santa, and Elves went up on Saturday. Now it's time to get the porch and inside decorations out. This year it'll be a slow process. Jim surprized me with an early B'day present.................................

since he knows I take pics of tabletops and porch decor he set this up on the porch. I haven't been able to get a pic at home so this isn't our porch, I got the pic off Walmart's site. I had been looking at a table and chair set like this for months. It's bronzetone with folding chairs in brown with candy stripes in red, springy green, and blue that match the two retro looking metal chairs I have. When I saw it I was so excited then the price tag flashed in my head from the store. It must've shown cause Jim quickly told me he got the table for $40 in one box with two chairs...the others were bent. The Garden Mgr. told him he had 2 extra matching chairs in another box that had a cracked glassstop, so they sold him those for $5 each...$200 set for $50! He even found a $5 vinyl tablecloth in country red, green, and cream in holiday motif complete with some snowmen! Gotta love a thrifty guy! When I get to finish it I'll post a complete pic.
I'm gonna be working on some new decorations for the porch Snowman tree.

I found some cute vintage images at Imagimeri's................................................

On Saturday Jim took me to lunch at the Cafe in the Oh Valley Ant. Mall  and look what I found....................
It's the Dec 1972 issue! There are a lot of groovy things I remember inside this paper time capsule. I'll show some pages in later posts, but the one page that jumped out was this....................................................................

This 8 volume set of themed cookbooks by BHG. Look what I have....I know I've showed these before........

Over the past couple of years I have searched for this collection and now I have all 8! I wondered how many came in the set. In 1973 the books changed in look.....................................................................................

They are still great cookbooks, but slightly larger, with a dull finish on the cover, the paper used feels different, and the pics are nice, but not quite the same somehow. I'm happy to know I have the complete set. Now I guess I'll look for the ones in the early 70's. Past '75 they look way too modern. Can't help it I just love vintage!!
I thought since it is Pink Saturday I'd Incluse some of my Fav Christmas things.....................

Christmas table setting atmy parents house

Christmas table display at the Flower Shop

Vintage inspired holiday Angelic Inspiration

A vintage reflector for light strand on tree

Vintage glass bell and plastic whirlygig ornies

Vintage pink glass ball with covered bridge and snow scene

Vintage tall lidded cloche filled with vintage garland beads and vintage balls

Vintage holiday panorama book seen at the Tafts Museum Antigue Christmas

Vintage holiday diorama also taken at the Taft.
Hope you're tickled pink this weekend!!! Or at least red and green!

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LV said...

At least all your little inconveniences, did not keep you from having a great red feature today. I used to work for the telephone company, so I know what you are talking about.

Magnolia Tea said...

Aw, that's too bad about your phone service. My personal belief is that duct tape is not necessarily best for fixin' some things, lol.
I can't wait to see your patio set all set up. And I love those cookbooks! Have a great week!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Bummer about the phone lines. I hate when it doesn't work right.

Great bargain hunting by hubs! I'm looking forward to seeing it at your house.

Happy Rednesday!

~~Carol~~ said...

I love the old cookbooks, especially from the 60s and early 70s, when they seemed to be all about the presentation of food. It might not have tasted too good, but they sure made it look good! Oh, and congrats on your new patio set!
Happy REDnesday,

Nicole Blean said...

Your blog is so cute, Melody! I love the vintage pictures. Happy (late) Rednesday. Thanks for stopping by. I have a strawberry basket in my kitchen you would like!

Queenie said...

I love the vintage sweet...thanks for sharing them :) I sure hope your phone line woes are fixed now....we've had our share of those when we had a landline phone, but luckily our internet wasn't connected to them...for a long while lightening would get our phone lines seemingly every time it rained...not fun, so I know how it can be with troubled seemed like our phone company would just patch things and never really fix the problem.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Big hugs,

The French Hutch said...

Hi Melody, it is always a downer when we loose our phone service.
Wow, loving the new patios furniture. I just bought some myself after waiting all summer and fall to find a sale piece I liked. Happy Rednesday, a little late.

The French Hutch

Jann Olson said...

Don't you just love it when you find a bargain like that? Hubby did good! Love the snowmen graphics. Anxious to see what you create. I love vintage also, just love imagining the stories they could tell. Congrats on finding out you have the complete set of books. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Now following you.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Love those cookbooks! I have a small set of 4 from the late 60's or early 70's that I use all the time. (my favorite custard pie recipe is in one of them).
What a pain about your internet connection. We have issues, too. Appearantly, we are the very last house in Green Twp. and as such, are at the very end on the cable line??? Don't quite understand it, but that's the reason we were given as to why our internet is so wonky.

Take care!
Kimberly :-)

C. Joy said...

Are you sure the snowman pix are vintage? I seem to remember them hanging in my elementary school... bummer. I'm vintage. Happy December!

Daniella said...

I love your decorating, you know that!! And, your stash of fab old mags too!!
I will be writing back to you ASAP!
Which might mean 3 weeks from now, LOL!!! But I'm working on it!
Did you know, that my old computer broke. So, I got a new one and wrote to Liz at my memories to explain what happened. She never wrote me back so I don't have the software anymore! How messed up is that? I gave it away, and praised it and they won't answer my email!! grrrrr.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh what a great post, Melody! And I love this song!!!

chubskulit said...

How lovely!

Hearty Pink, come and see when you get a chance.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Melody,
ALways a treat to visit you and see what you have been u too. YEs, I agree this season has sure moved by quickly and we are nearly into the new year.
I love your Christmas pics. Great find for the table set. It will be awesome.
Hope you get your phone lines fixed. We lived in Milford, right near you in the country too. Loved it and wish we were still there at times, but don't miss all the snow except for Christmas. LOL
We may get some flurries here just for the day. Nothing too major, just a bit to make you know it's Christmas.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments and blog friendship throughout the year. You are a gem and blessings to you for a wonderful Christmas.
Big hugs, Celestina Marie

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday!Sounds like you've been busy and at times frustrated. Nice to step out of that into the blog world and Pink Saturday, isn't it? I have a collection of recipe books, no wait, in incomplete collection of them from So Living - it'd be so nice to complete them. So, I know what you mean! And, yes, sometimes things just do change. :( I'm off to pink by more 4's, since my link is 104. Thanks, Jenn

Cinderella Moments said...

I don't even have a landline anymore. It's all cellphones here. Not that it's any better. LOL!
I love all the pictures you shared. Your porch tree looks like mine!