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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where were you?

That's a question that is always asked when someone starts a conversation about 9/11. When beginning a conversation about JFK someone inevitable says...I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the news came to me. And, likewise when Pres. Roosevelt came on the radio with his Dec 7th Pearl Harbor speech My Grandpa could say the same. There are times etched in our collective memories that wil never be forgotten.
As we all watched in disblief we can all..even school children...answer that question in a heartbeat
I was at the Flower Shop processing fresh flowers to start deliveries. I had the tv on the Today Show and the segment was interrupted, I instantly called Jim at work......they had it on the auto dealer's tv's and radios..
worked had halted....and then I called my parents. They came in just after  the second tower was hit.

Dad, an ex-Marine and  Construction worker......sadly knew what was to follow....airplane fuel burns hotter.
As the buildings imploded', as a nation you could hear the collective screams in our heads.... we couldn't utter because we were holding our breaths.....and most of us weren't standing anymore we had somehow found ourselved sitting. The image that is etched in my memory of that day in New York was the faces, ghostly images emerging from the smoky cloud......the pictures of thousands walking/running away from the surreal scene. No cars....and, how strangers came to each others aid...I always remember how everyone says New Yorker's never know each other....If one thing came thru this day when we as a people need  help we are not strangers. As the day went on we heard of the Pentagon...................................
our hearts this a nightmare....terror attacks on American soil...unthinkable. Then another broadcast.......another jolt...

a flight from a Newark jet bound for San Francisco was down in a Pa. field ....folks began calling in to newscasts with stories of loved ones contacting them from the plane prior to the crash....they had fought back after learning of the other terror attacks....this time there was a collective cheer.
We were not going to take this sitting down, the Nation would rally,  Flight 93 was the example of what Americans do..we do not cringe and wring our hands. Those first responders of New York and everyday people were an example of what Americans do.....even tho terrified in the face of danger we 'Git Er Done'.
Those at the Pentagon inspired us with their calm and resolve to continue at thier posts.
I hope you can listen to the musical tribute I have along with the pictorial.When I heard of Flight 93 the first thought that came to my mind was the Charlie Daniels Band song.......In verse that came to me was.....'We may have done some fightin amongst ourselves, but you outside people best leave us alone. Cause we'll all stick together...Just lay your hands on a Pittsburg Steelers fan and I think you're gonna understand'....I have this song in the background on my Playlist. That's a shortened version, but I think those folk on 93 were chanelling the spirit. It was written back in the 70's, but I think so appropo. I of course have the Fanfare to the Common Man to remember the Towers and the American Soldier along with all the military theme songs. for the Pentagon. Couldn't do a playlist without God Bless the USA and Courtesy of the Red, Whtie, and Blue. The final songs.....I'm Already There and Amazing Grace goes with the final photo below and is dedicated to those who lost there lives on that fateful day and our Military, those fighting now and lost since 9/11. I usually add a lot more patriotic songs, but for this week I just wanted to add songs I thought commorated  9/11. 
This final photo reminded me of Pslam 35...............................
Psalm 35

 Contend, LORD, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me. Take up shield and armor; arise and come to my aid.  Brandish spear and javelin against those who pursue me. Say to me,
“I am your salvation.”  May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay. May they be like chaff before the wind, with the angel of the LORD driving them away; may their path be dark and slippery, with the angel of the LORD pursuing them. Since they hid their net for me without cause and without cause dug a pit for me,  may ruin overtake them by surprise—
may the net they hid entangle them, may they fall into the pit, to their ruin. Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD and delight in his salvation.  My whole being will exclaim, “Who is like you, LORD? You rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.”  Ruthless witnesses come forward; they question me on things I know nothing about. They repay me evil for good and leave me like one bereaved. Yet when they were ill, I put on sackcloth and humbled myself with fasting. When my prayers returned to me unanswered, I went about mourning as though for my friend or brother. I bowed my head in grief as though weeping for my mother.  But when I stumbled, they gathered in glee; assailants gathered against me without my knowledge. They slandered me without ceasing. Like the ungodly they maliciously mocked; they gnashed their teeth at me.  How long, Lord, will you look on? Rescue me from their ravages, my precious life from these lions. I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among the throngs I will praise you. Do not let those gloat over me who are my enemies without cause; do not let those who hate me without reason maliciously wink the eye. They do not speak peaceably, but devise false accusations against those who live quietly in the land. They sneer at me and say, “Aha! Aha! With our own eyes we have seen it.”  LORD, you have seen this; do not be silent. Do not be far from me, Lord.
Awake, and rise to my defense! Contend for me, my God and Lord. Vindicate me in your righteousness, LORD my God; do not let them gloat over me. Do not let them think, “Aha, just what we wanted!” or say, “We have swallowed him up.” May all who gloat over my distress be put to shame and confusion; may all who exalt themselves over me be clothed with shame and disgrace. May those who delight in my vindication
shout for joy and gladness; may they always say, “The LORD be exalted, who delights in the well-being of his servant.”  My tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your praises all day long.

We must never forget...we will always remember.

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Robyn said...

I was actually folding laundry with my youngest - then 3 month old baby girl - in her bassinet next to me; when my mother-in-law called and anxiously asked, "Where is Dane?" "He's in New York, why?" "WHERE in New York? Don't you have the tv on? Turn it on now, we've been attacked!" It was surreal, I turned it on just as the tower fell and couldn't believe my eyes! It took hours before I could reach my husband, he was a few miles from "ground zero" and safe. It took another two days til we heard from our friend that he was safe and had not gone into town that morning due to a dental appt. My oldest son just returned home yesterday from his deployment to Iraq and the welcome home ceremony was all the more poignant with the date of 9/11 just a couple of days away. We will always remember and never forget - thank you for a wonderful post.

Cinderella Moments said...

What a fantastic post. Great job Melody. That was a horrific day. I think it showed us what evil was capable of. But I also think it has made some of us more ready and aware.

chubskulit said...

It's a very sad event that all of us will surely remember.

My Pink is at my Nostalgic Marveling blog, hope you can visit. Thanks and have a blessed day!

Lynn said...

Was at work. My son, who was home on leave the night before from the active AF, was still sleeping. My hubby was getting the car serviced and watched in horror. Raced home to wake Bobby. I left work immediately, watching the sky, terrified I would miss seeing my son before he had new orders and had to leave. I sang How Great Thou Art and God Bless America. I still do all the time. We have one of the greatest nations and it must stay UNDER GOD. Simply beautiful post you have given us. Thank you.

Daniella said...

I lived in NY at that time and it was awful. There are no words I can say for what we went through that day and the days to come.
We will never forget in this Country.
Thank you for your post!

Jeanne said...

I was home watching TV as the horror unfolded. We lost a friend, Stephan, 32 years old. We will never forget.
Thank you for sharing your story.
God Bless America.

{oc cottage} said...

What a post! Thank you! God bless America!

m ^..^