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Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's November..that must mean craft shows!

Just wanted to pop in to see how everyone is and to invite those of you that may be around the Cincinnati area to the 26th Loveland HS Arts and Craft Expo this Saurday (11/7) from 10a-4p at the Loveland High School at 1 Tiger Trail in Loveland, Ohio. I'm putting the finishing touches on some of my newest creations and loading up the van with display peices. It's gonna be an early morning Saturday getting there to set up, but that's the fun part to me....display. There will be over 200 other vendors at this expo, so, it should be exciting and the items available very diverse. I've decided that I will use my canopy inside since they will put me in the auditorium,
it's a 10x10 square..that really is plenty of room to fill. Jim's fixed me a new center light to use in the ceiling of the canopy to add a little light to the subjects and with the electricity available I may even be able to have some soft music wafting through the display. It seems by creating a little room within the show, shoppers come in rather than walk by looking and they may stay longer to browse and I'll be doing some embroidery too, that always draws people to stop and look. Holy Cow! I'm getting nervous thinking about everything to do between then and now. I better get back to my work. I'll post pics of the show when I get back.
Hope to see ya there....seein a friendly face will help the nerves.

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Shirley said...

Hi Melody, Good luck this weekend. I will look forward to pictures. I haven't got as much done as I wanted this week. My oldest son has been in the hospital. He had a bad asthma attack. He was also having chest pains. All of the test have come back good so far. He got to come home today and will get to go back to work tomorrow. He is to watch what he does. They put him on medication which should help also. I met his doctor and got to ask questions. He answer my questions, he reminded me of our primary care doctor. Young and very knowlegable and doesn't brush you off. Take care and good luck. Your Missouri Friend Shirley