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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Treasure

I was going through some boxes in my basement one day and I found a couple of my Grandma's tin's. Treasure boxes! She used them to store all kinds of things. Cookies to nails. This box was not too heavy, so it couldn't have been nails and junk. I remember this tin. She got it in the 60's. It was always hard to open.....the hinged lid stuck.

It's like a time capsule. Filled with unfinished projects she'd get back to later.

Unfinished dresser scarves.........

This dresser scarf is only done on one end. Look at all the tiny stitches...and perfect. The back looks as good as the front. I can still hear her telling me that the back of a piece needed to look as clean as the front. If her pieces didn't have tiny knots on the back, you'd think they were machined.

This next scarf clearly shows the makers stamp, Colonial Maid. I'd never heard of that company. If someone out there has can you let me know?

This kitchy wall piece must've been one she completed when they were redoing the kitchen in the early 70's. The colors match. I wonder why she never finished it? Or, maybe she had done it to give as part of a shower gift?...... I think this treasure will find it's way to my Mom's kitchen as a surprise.

This next tin is much older. Probably from the very early 40's maybe late 30's.

I love the old world look. The bottom has pink and gold coordinating stripes. Pure Shabby Chic for today.

OOHHHH, Grandma's embroidery thread and very utilitarian pincushion. Her oval embroidery hoop and two ready to be embroidered dresser scarves. She never even started them! One even has the original tag on it.
I think these will be finished and used as table runners..for myself.

I'm going to put these back in the treasure boxes and display them in what I hope will be my studio one day. I love finding family treasures.. I know these bits of thread, material, wood, and tin aren't worth a lot, but to me they are priceless stitches of love.
Now, I'm off to do some vintage hunting in my own basement. I have boxes and bags of stuff family and friends have given me over the past few years that they say they're not sure what's in them, but they're sure I can use it. I gladly take them, but then forget where I put them...or rather where Jim has moved them!! Don't you just love a helpful husband........


Cathy Cobblestone said...

What a sweet post - you better hang on to those treasures forever. I'm like you - I think I'd put 'em back like I found them and know they are in safe-keeping for many more generations. My grandmother still does beautiful embroidery work and I treasure it. Thanks for sharing your story.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

How fun!
Love those pretty little tins and the treasures packed away inside.
My gram left little notes inside everything. I'm still finding scribbled messages inside some of her books and collections. :)