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Sunday, May 17, 2009

What A Day!!

Thought I'd finally get to tackle the stuff I needed to do around the house today..ha. Ever have one of thooossseee days!!?? Everything I touched...disaster. Got up went to church, fine. Stopped by the shop to check the computers. Fine. Went to Wal-Mart...forgot to use all the coupons...coulda saved $10...pooh. Went to Meijer (the grocery store)..kept picking things up out of date! or dropping things. Poor Jim, good thing he tagged along to check them or pick em up. Got home..the bags rip..arrggg. Went to sweep and the vacuum clogged...unplugged from the wall...oomphf. Jim finally told me he'd do it to rest. See, earlier in the week I fell a bruised my knee badly, so I haven't been sleeping well, I can't stand long..sitting in one position is......oh! I can't beleive I did it!! Anyway, I tried to do some creations, but can't sit long, so since my computer lost some of my not some...all.(it was not my fault, I could not hit a wrong button, could I...sob) ..have ya all noticed I haven't posted a pic latley? sorry posts are so boring. Even if I'm really having a bad blog day, pics seem to liven things up. Well, you guessed it I attempted to download all my picture CD's into the new file. today of all days. This is a new computer...yes blogger took me forever to figure out all the files to go thru and to tell my Techno Security I was not putting risky info from an unknown source into it's little world, but little pictures it could peruse at it's liesure...I offered pics of scenic beauty, bright posies, cute puppies..well Shadow is cute. It seemed to be appeased, it allowed the downloads, eventually. (especially when I threatened to turn it off til I was done, and it shot the message
Are You Sure.....). Now I decided it was time to stretch a little. I'd get my camera and take some shots of the garden and porch. I'd get my outdoor room decorated properly..I've been behind since the shop has been so hectic and we've a few medical emergencies. Of course , what was I thinking? I can't get up and down steps. Okay. Let's take some photos of the yard and garden..herbs are up, trees in bloom, butterflies gliding, bees buzzing, and birds on the wing and at the feeders. Quiet, slowly turn on the turns off. All by itself. Okay calmly, turn it back on..sigh. No batteries. Of course..go inside....out of batteries. I was done. The evil forces had won. I went in the bedroom propped my leg up and looked at the new Country, Birds and Bloom, and Country Living. I turned on the radio to listen to some classical music to unwind. The news came A freeze warning for tonite. I looked outside. Yes the trees have leafed out, the flowers are blooming, the butterflies are still luck Cincinnati will have an inch of snow by morning...but I will not have pictures!!!
Oh Good Night.


My Journey to Hope said...

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mariadownunder said...

if you are reading this then I have come in from cyberspace where I have been wandering around for days..or is that daze? tell me when you get this via Etsy? then I will write some more
Ciao from your new Etsy friend

mariadownunder said...

Yayyyyyy! I found you at long last and I must be a "blogger?" now? I feel so stupid but quite proud now that I have done it and on my own too, with no help from the Computer Gurus AKA Steve and Jacqui. They both have degrees in this computer jargon. Shame I was working 3 jobs to put them both through University lol.
Anyway, WOW :):):) what a site you have here and the Music! I felt like kicking up my heels and prancing around in the garden. I'll leave now and explore some more.
I think I am having fun