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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vintage finds turn into vintage keepsake

Good Morning in Blogland!
I couldn't wait to make this post. A few posts back I listed some vintage finds I made at the antique mall. Here's a reminder:

It wasn't completed in time for Valentine's, but that's okay, She's has more of an anniversary/wedding theme or as a birthday Angel. I had to finish embroidering the leaves on the 1940's hankie. I only did one corner. I didn't want to take a chance on the piece shredding. The doll needed a little work too. Her hair needed to be coiffed a little better and her hand-crocheted dress had some.... revealing holes. For almost 70 years old these vintage finds fixed up and came together nicely.

This is an Everlasting Love Angel.
Her 'wings' were created by using a 1930-40 tam of net, silk, and velvet haberdashery flowers and foliage's. The flowers actually create a crown for her hair. The satin and velvet ribbon of the tam makes a nice bustle for the back. For a little surprise she stands atop a 1960's glass amber globe, making her taller so that her skirt flows. A small battery powered votive is placed inside the globe (very low wattage) and she has become a nightlight. Sorry I can't show the glow my flash won't turn off.

This is the close up of her copper and rhinestone heart charm. Her wings have a larger copper filigree heart accenting her wings and bustle.

Here's her close-up. I love the face. I didn't have to touch-up her 'make-up' at all. She's all original. If you look closely she has a necklace of amber Sworovski crystals around her neck.
The bottom of her 'skirt' sports more Sworovski crystals. In this pic you can see how the hand-embroidery gives a little more texture to the hankie.
I just love it when a design comes together.
Oh, remember the 1950's flower hat in the same post back in Jan.,( Susan of Black-eyed Susan's Kitchen reminded me that that hat was very similar to one worn by Mrs. C on Happy Days! ) well I'm almost finished with that angel. I can't wait to show you this one.


Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Love it! Love the clever use of many different vintage materials!~~~XXOO, Beth

Creative Chaos said...

Melody! I love, Love, LOVE what you did with all the bits & pieces!! And since hats are one of my favorite things I am especially impressed with you using a hat for angel wings!! BRILLIANT!!